A purple cast this time

I had my doctor's appointment this morning. The doctor couldn't really see any healing in my scaphoid bone. When I looked at the x-ray it looked like it was actually worse than before. Of course, I'm not an orthopaedic surgeon, but even he said he didn't really see any improvement but he wanted to try another month of my wrist in a cast.

I'm really disappointed. Even though my doctor had warned me my scaphoid probably wouldn't heal on it's own in a month, if ever, I was still hoping. This particular bone, the scaphoid, tends to not heal easily because it doesn't get a good supply of blood. My doctor told me this fact at my last appointment, and I had read about it on numerous websites in the last three weeks. Still, I thought with all my vitamins, supplements, healthy eating and regular exercise, there would be a miracle and it would heal. I was wrong.

I'll keep up the exercise and healthy food, if not for my scaphoid bone, then for the rest of me.

Getting the dirty, pink cast removed.

 This wasn't a staged picture of pain. It hurt like heck after the cast was removed.

Not happy (and I have bad posture!).

I guess I'll go for a walk now. I need to get my arm moving and hopefully get the blood flowing to my wrist. Even though it may not heal, and I'll wind up getting surgery on it anyway, I'll still need to be healthy for the surgery.


Dawn said…
I showed your pictures to my daughter ( the one who broke her scafoid dancing) and she said...Oh Mum, your blog friend is so pretty aAND she had a pretty purple cast ( we only have white ones in our UK hospital) Kids have a way of telling the truth, telling it like it is...and despite the pain, you're looking great!
spunkysuzi said…
Hopefully the extra month will start it healing!!
Sarah G said…
Stay positive, at least the new cast doesn't go up past your elbow this time!! Hope it starts to heal.
Wishing you the best. Hang in there, Diana!!!
Grace said…
Oh, Diana. Sorry you didn't get the outcome you were hoping for. But...Keep up the good work with all the positive things you are doing. It will pay off eventually. As you said, even if not for your wrist bone, for the rest of you.
Deniz said…
Oh you poor thing, I'm so sorry you didn't get the good news you'd hoped for. I agree with Dawn about you looking pretty though :-)

All the best for a speedy recovery.
Lucy said…
Well that really stinks! I winced when I saw the pic of pain-ouch! You are brave to keeping to the attitude of forging forward!

p.s: wish I could wear bangs!
Helen said…
Frustrating for sure! But I did notice that this cast seems a bit smaller/shorter? Maybe that will make the wearing easier. I bet even though it hurt, it felt good to have your arm exposed to fresh air!
hopefulandfree said…
purple is symbolic to summon healing forces in some pagan cultures. hey, it can't hurt. :) you are very beautiful inside and outside. i hope this cast does its magic! <3
Ida said…
Praying for healing of your scaphoid.
Tony said…
Purple is a fabulous color!
alex said…
Is your arm ok wright now?
alex said…
You look gorgeous in the purple cast.I hope your arm is ok wright now.

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