Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twenty pairs of pants later...

Around 3pm yesterday I finally started feeling better. A little bit nauseous if I I moved too fast or even thought about certain foods, but much more normal.

Breakfast was an egg and Canadian bacon on a Thomas light muffin. Big mistake. It made me really sick (still makes me sick to think about it). Lunch was five low-salt saltines. Dinner was homemade chicken soup (leftovers). I went to bed hungry, but hunger beats nauseousness any day.

Around 4 pm I tried to go to the gym, but only made it to the parking lot. I still didn't feel quite right, I was getting hot, sweaty flashes, then freezing cold. I decided it was probably a stupid idea to workout so I left.

Then I decided to torture myself with a pants shopping trip to Macy's. My first trip into the dressing room with twenty pairs of pants (I could barely carry them all with one hand), and nothing fit right.

I've noticed my fat has come back in different places this time. My hips and thighs seem bigger and my waist smaller. I've been this weight many times in my life, usually going up or coming down, but I don't remember having this problem of not being able to find pants that fit. 12's are too small and 14's are too big. I'm sort of wondering if it's my age. Gravity sucking everything down.

I guess this means I need to do more lower body workouts, which are not my favorite. My old trainer told me everyone hates squats and lunges. You're working the really big muscles in the thighs and butt and it hurts. No kidding.

I finally found two pairs of pants that fit me perfectly. This was on my third trip to the dressing room. By this time I was hot, sweaty, tired and a wee bit angry about trying on all these clothes and I didn't like anything. The brand that fit so well is Charter Club (I think it's a Macy's brand but not sure), and a style called Slim It Up. This is what is says on the tag: "Curves appear slimmer and firmer. Slim It Up with lockstitch control panels tummy appears flatter."

I also bought three tops and a dress. I rarely wear dresses to work (or anywhere), but I think it would be fun to shock everyone with me in a dress.

Almost 5 a.m. (yes, another bad night of sleep, up since 3:30 a.m.). I'm going to try the gym again, I feel better, just a little bit nauseous, but not terrible. No coffee this morning and no eggs (gross...what was I thinking?). Maybe saltines for breakfast. Then back to work today.


Helen said...

You're a better woman than me. If I had that many pairs of pants and none fit, I would have left the store. I have to be in the perfect frame of mind to shop when I'm not really happy with my body and that would definitely have put me over the edge.

Perhaps stop trying to work out, etc. until you feel 100%. Your world will not come crashing down if you don't work out you know. Let yourself get better!

Ida said...

I really hope that what you have isn't contagious. I have a problem finding clothes that fit me, and yes, age rearranges our bodies. I always carried my weight in my hips and thighs, but this time I gained in my stomach. Old age isn't for cowards!

Tony said...

you can't spot reduce.

Marie said...

I think it is best not to work out at a gym when you are sick/just recovering. You are exposing everyone at the gym to the possibility that they will catch it.