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Weight was like going home again

I love Weight Watchers! Actually, I love my Weight Watcher leader, Janis. She is absolutely amazing, and very inspiring. She makes me think, makes me want to do better and best of all, she makes me laugh.

The thing about Weight Watchers is that it makes you focus on eating healthy, something that calorie counting alone doesn't really require. I feel excited to be back on a plan. Of course, this means what I eat and how much I exercise will become somewhat of an obsession for me (again). But that's okay. It's what I need right now

Now for the weighin, the post Thanksgiving Day weighin where I ate too much, including pumpkin pie and apple pie. The apple pie was a frozen pie made by Plush Pippin. If you've never had a Plush Pippin pie, well, you haven't lived. They're the best! It's all gone now, so now worries about it until Thanksgiving 2012. The Plush Pippin factory is actually in Kent, Washington, very near to where I live. Funny story but about ten years …

Weight Watchers...again!

I quit Weight Watchers several months ago, right before I broke my wrist on August 6. It had lost it's charm, and I never like the new program that was introduced a year ago. Eat all the fruit you want "until you're full" confused me.

I started using the BodyMedia in August and dropped twenty pound in three months, but I've put some of that weight back on. Life happened, and I stumbled.

My sister had a major stroke, and I was in Fairbanks for six weeks of the last nine-week period dealing with a lot of family drama. These are excuses for my slip, but for once in my life I'm cutting myself a little slack on gaining weight.

The last few months have been hideous. It's not over yet, but I see some light at the end of the tunnel. I'm returning to Fairbanks tomorrow for five days. A lot of very serious financial decisions have to be made to secure my sister's future. I have meetings with a real estate attorney, an estate planning attorney, a tax account…

High-bred diet????

Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with my brain. Sweet Ida posted that a "hybrid" diet of Weight Watchers and Body Media would probably work for me.

I read "hybrid"and thought " that's how you spell it!". I wrote "high-bred" diet this morning. It didn't look right and of course spell check didn't catch it either. Sometimes I scare myself with my stupidity.

Today didn't go well for eating or exercising. 4:30am wake-up call from work for a problem in Montana, then no gym because I had a 7 a.m. physical therapy appointment, then to work. No time for gym or breakfast, and no time to drink water today.

I came home feeling like I was starving to death. Overate.

Tomorrow will be better...I'll have a "high-bred" day of good eating and good exercise. :)

The dreaded Monday morning weighin

Today's weigh in:

My last weigh in was on October 31, and I was 173.4. That's an eight-pound gain in three weeks. Ugh! It just proves I have to be vigilant and borderline obsessive when it comes to my weight and what I eat.

I have work to do. The Big Climb is March 25, 69 floors in the Columbia building in Seattle. Last year I was 176 pounds for the Big Climb, and it was hard! My goal this year is to weigh 160.

Four months and twenty pounds to lose.

Now I need a plan! I'm tossing around the idea of rejoining Weight Watchers. It helps me to weigh in every week with someone else. That alone is worth the $40/month, plus I love my Weight Watchers leader.

Most likely I'll still do my calorie counting because I love my BodyMedia. It's weight loss plan is exercise, calorie counting and journaling (online). Maybe a hybrid diet of Weight Watchers and BodyMedia. Sound good?

A gain of 5 or 6 pounds? Who did I think I was kidding?

I'm all dressed for the gym. My BodyMedia is on my left arm, along with my Polar Heart rate monitor (which I LOVE!). I've entered my food into the BodyMedia website, calories consumed (so far, 867 and it's 3:45 p.m. - I allow myself 1500).

I noticed something. My workout shirt feels snugger. In my last post I casually mentioned I thought I'd gained a few pounds in the last ten days. The shirt I'm wearing, a t-strap tank, is definitely tighter than it was ten days ago. I remember it billowing around me and that it felt too big. Now it fits, but I prefer the "billowing" effect.

I still haven't weighed. That alone is a sign that in my heart I know I've gained probably more than a "few pounds". My last weigh-in was October 31, 173.4. I bet I'm at least 180 right now, or even more. I know my body. It feels heavy. I felt it yesterday on the StairMaster, the strong pull of gravity when my body gets to a certain weight.

So far today the food…

I sister (well, sort of)

Joyce, 1992...on their property in Alaska, before they built their house. This was an old travel trailer where they stayed on weekends while their house was being build. Check out those legs.

 This is Joyce November 13, 2011. She'd just had her first shower in five weeks. Since she started eating again two weeks previous to this picture (after four weeks of not eating anything), she decided she wanted to get better. I'm doing her hair. She was beautiful after the hair and makeup, but the pictures of her with the family were weird. Something was wrong with her smile. It was more of a grimace. Her best friend told me I couldn't show them to anyone because Joyce would be horrified.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Joyce update (my sister, 73 years old, had a stroke on September 21, 2011)
I'm home and filled with emotions.

My last post was the day of the court hearing. That day was actually very easy. Even though I was a little nervous sitting in front of a judge, in a court room,…

Today is the day

I haven't discussed the real reason I'm in Fairbanks because it was kind of top secret. Since all involved parties now know why I'm here, and the court hearing is at 11 a.m. today, I can talk about it.

On Tuesday of last week I received two very disturbing phone calls. I'd only been home for three days, having returned from a three-week stay in Fairbanks to help care for my sister in her home (two weeks) and then help her transition to an assisted living home (another week).

The first phone call was from the owner of the assisted living home where my sister resides. She was very upset regarding my crazy niece's last two visits to my sister on October 30 and 31. The first visit involved my niece and four teenage boys she brought with her (two children were my niece's sons and two were another niece's grandsons). There was a lot of disruption, with my niece screaming at the boys to behave and then demanding the staff make lunch for the four boys. Not only was…

Greetings from Fairbanks

Last night I remembered why I moved away from here 25 years ago. It's too cold!

For the first time in my entire life, I arrived at the airport here in Fairbanks and there was no one to greet me and give me a ride to their house. It used to be my mom, then my sister and her husband, then just my sister, then my crazy niece, then my almost depressed niece and her husband, and one.

My brother offered to pick me up, but he lives about 20 miles from the airport. Since I was going to my hotel and renting a car so I wouldn't be stranded for a week, I told him there really wasn't a need for him to meet me at the airport.

It was an odd experience to come down the stairs to baggage and not see a smiling face greeting me. I didn't cry, but there certainly was a feeling of loss.

I got my bag and picked up my keys for the rental car. Walking out to the car in freezing cold and dark at 5:30 p.m. was quite an experience. It was at the end of parking lot at the airport. It&#…

Leaving on a jet plane...again and again and again

For the third time in almost six weeks I'm sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Fairbanks. Thanks Google for the free wi-fi at SeaTac.

This trip is going to be a hard one, but what I have to do is necessary. Ethically and morally I don't really have any other options. I can't go into details right now, but I'll post about it after it's all over.

58 days of tracking
I was inspired by Tony's post, Kim Kardashian 72 Day Trim Down. I have also needed to get back to tracking my food. Since my sister's stroke almost six weeks ago I haven't tracked a single day, not even one meal. I have a plan for this trip, I'm going to track all my food. It's the start of the Diana 58-day Trim Down plan. There are 58 days until 2012.

I would love to get to 160 by 2012. It sounds like a reasonable goal. Two months and 13 pounds. It's not a crazy number, although it is the holidays. Add in that there's going to be a lot of pressure on me the next f…

Insanity: is it contagious?

A lot has happened since my last post.

After a disastrous lunch with my craziest niece last Saturday, where I attempted to make peace with her, I flew home on Sunday. There is no reasoning with a crazy person. Lesson learned.

I was an emotional basket case when I got home. For the first time in my life I felt like I was losing my mind. After weeks of barely sleeping, even though I was taking Ambien nightly, I felt crazy. Add to that an incredible amount of stress because of my sister's situation and my totally insane and evil niece, I couldn't stop crying. My husband couldn't comfort me, nothing made me feel better. Even sitting in the back yard here at home, with the sun on my face and the fall leaves falling around me with my kitty chasing after them, all I could do was cry. I cried for almost twelve hours straight.

I realize I had just gone through five weeks of high stress and little sleep, but I also believe the Ambien was messing with my head. I decided to forgo the …