Monday, November 21, 2011

The dreaded Monday morning weighin

Today's weigh in:


My last weigh in was on October 31, and I was 173.4. That's an eight-pound gain in three weeks. Ugh! It just proves I have to be vigilant and borderline obsessive when it comes to my weight and what I eat.

I have work to do. The Big Climb is March 25, 69 floors in the Columbia building in Seattle. Last year I was 176 pounds for the Big Climb, and it was hard! My goal this year is to weigh 160.

Four months and twenty pounds to lose.

Now I need a plan! I'm tossing around the idea of rejoining Weight Watchers. It helps me to weigh in every week with someone else. That alone is worth the $40/month, plus I love my Weight Watchers leader.

Most likely I'll still do my calorie counting because I love my BodyMedia. It's weight loss plan is exercise, calorie counting and journaling (online). Maybe a hybrid diet of Weight Watchers and BodyMedia. Sound good?


Dawn said...

Sounds great and you were not so very far odd with your estimate. Its not been a very ordinary 3 weeks has it? You have been living away from home, in a stress-charged environment and generally eating out for the sheer convenience of it. New goal and what a goal..the big climb again! Good for you. Once you get to 176lb which wont be long away - every pound you lose will make the big climb one pound lighter and easier. I think you know where you are going and how you are getting there and you will do this

Dawn said...

'off' not 'odd'

Ida said...

20 lbs in 4 months is a reasonable goal. I think using a hybrid diet is a good idea, one in which yo can take the best of the two and make them work for you. You will do this.

The title of this post is a joke, there's no new me. It's just the same old me, doing the same old stuff. Just for fun, I went back...