High-bred diet????

Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with my brain. Sweet Ida posted that a "hybrid" diet of Weight Watchers and Body Media would probably work for me.

I read "hybrid"and thought "oh...so that's how you spell it!". I wrote "high-bred" diet this morning. It didn't look right and of course spell check didn't catch it either. Sometimes I scare myself with my stupidity.

Today didn't go well for eating or exercising. 4:30am wake-up call from work for a problem in Montana, then no gym because I had a 7 a.m. physical therapy appointment, then to work. No time for gym or breakfast, and no time to drink water today.

I came home feeling like I was starving to death. Overate.

Tomorrow will be better...I'll have a "high-bred" day of good eating and good exercise. :)


Diandra said…
Never mind. Hybrids are high-bred, too. ^^ I think everybody got what you were trying to say.
jinxxxygirl said…
Sweety i've read back over your posts and i have to tell you , you are one hell of a woman in every aspect of the words. You just keep rockin it! Theres not a doubt in my mind you'll get your diet and exercise back under control. Hopefully the stress will ease off soon.You make me want to drag my sorry a** outside and MOVE! Hugs! deb
jaylen watkins said…
I understand like going back to the original figure like going back to the home again.

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