Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weight Watchers...again!

I quit Weight Watchers several months ago, right before I broke my wrist on August 6. It had lost it's charm, and I never like the new program that was introduced a year ago. Eat all the fruit you want "until you're full" confused me.

I started using the BodyMedia in August and dropped twenty pound in three months, but I've put some of that weight back on. Life happened, and I stumbled.

My sister had a major stroke, and I was in Fairbanks for six weeks of the last nine-week period dealing with a lot of family drama. These are excuses for my slip, but for once in my life I'm cutting myself a little slack on gaining weight.

The last few months have been hideous. It's not over yet, but I see some light at the end of the tunnel. I'm returning to Fairbanks tomorrow for five days. A lot of very serious financial decisions have to be made to secure my sister's future. I have meetings with a real estate attorney, an estate planning attorney, a tax accountant, two real estate agents, the tax assessor (who highly over-appraised her rental property) and my sister's doctor and her speech therapist.  

So here I am, a year later, and I weigh close to what I weighed a year least I think I do. I didn't weigh this morning, but I know I'm within a few pounds (I was 180.4 January 3, 2011).

This means after a year, I've not accomplished much regarding my weight. I guess you could call it maintenance, but at 180+ I really need to lose weight, not maintain. I'm better off than I was in February 2008, when I weighed 240 pounds. I'm happy about maintaining a 60-pound loss, but I really need and want to lose weight.

Today, it's back to Weight Watchers. I just signed up online for the meetings. My plan is the 10 a.m. meeting. I have a lot to do today, do laundry and pack, but there are two things I have to do:  Weight Watchers and the gym, in that order.

I'll post my weigh-in results later today. Since it's post-Thanksgiving, and I'll be dressed versus not dressed when I weigh at home, I'm sure I'll be up a few pounds. That's okay. I have to start somewhere.


Caron said...

I have not been happy with the PointsPlus program either. I've been with them for nine years now and this program will not work for me as written. I'm hoping that the new program and materials on December 6th will be better.

I keep seeing people stall out after losing a few pounds and it is because they are allowing us to have too much food. I still love going to meetings and will stick with them since it costs me nothing as long as I stay at goal.

I hope you get everything done that you need to in Fairbanks. I used to live in Anchorage but that was when I was young and foolish. :)

Deb said...

Oh sound like me!! This is what I think. My hairdresser said "yes! Weight Watchers works!! I've been on it lots of times!" Well then I don't think it works! I am so sick of thinking about losing weight, diets, writing down what I eat. I just want a healthy relationship with food.
I think, for me, WW's makes me focus all the time on it and when I say to myself I'm going to go back on WW's I get depressed. Then I want to eat more.
No, I don't have the answer..but if I quit eating sugar food isn't much of an issue, I just quit binging naturally.
I honestly see myself in you so much, we could be sisters.

Diandra said...

Yeah, "maintaining" at a place you don't want to maintain feels bad, have been doing the same for four months... but it doesn't matter, we'll get to our destination anyway.

Ida said...

I have also had a lot of life happening the past year and I go WAY off track. But we know what we need to do and can do, because we have done it before. That is our lives. Losing, gaining and losing again.