Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Giving Weight Watchers a chance

I went to my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday. I adore, love, admire, respect and practically worship my Weight Watcher leader. Every time I go to one of her meetings I learn something new, and in the process, I get entertained because she's really funny (and smart and sweet). I'm very fortunate to have such a wonderful Weight Watcher leader.

A little history about me and Weight Watchers. I joined in February 2008. I'd joined before, a few times over the years, but I never stuck with it for more than a week. This time, I was on fire. My first blog post was May 13, 2008 (in my "Old Diana's Journey"...long story on what happened and why I had to create a new one). I followed Weight Watchers to the letter. I did exactly what they said to do and guess what? It worked!

It's weird to go back and look at those old posts. I kept writing posts, almost every day, putting my heart and soul into each post. Back then, no one read my blog and no one ever commented. It's pretty funny to go back almost four years ago and read how I was struggling and working so hard when I started out. No one ever commented for several months, and I didn't care. I was dead set on losing weight and keeping a record of it.

I really believed in Weight Watchers, even though I stumbled and fell many times. Gained back a few pounds, lost a few, gained a lot, lost a lot. Back and forth over the years. This year has been particularly difficult. I even completely quit Weight Watchers last August. I decided the BodyMedia was the way to go.

I've missed the meetings and the support. I've really missed my leader. I've missed the accountability. So why did I quit? This is so stupid that I hate to even write it. I didn't like the zero-Point fruit. Pretty silly in hindsight. I wonder if I'd followed the program faithfully and eaten the free fruit without worrying about it, where would I be right now? Probably at goal.

Instead, I made a big stinking deal about the fruit. "Oh my gosh! I can't eat all the fruit I want! I'll gain weight!" That is my lame excuse for wasting an entire year.

So I'm back. Back on plan, back to following the Healthy Eating Guidelines. Back to loving my meetings and my leader. Back to following Weight Watchers as perfectly as life will allow. Back to being on fire.

My weigh in wasn't great, but it could have been much worse. In the four weeks since my last meeting I lost one pound. Saturday's weighin:  183.4. No excuses because really, I don't have any worth talking about.

One other really important, at least for me, is blogging. I feel like I've been so wrapped up in my sister's mess, that I forgot about me. I forgot about my life and what I like and what I want to do. I love blogging and reading other blogs. It's fun and something I've enjoyed for almost four years. I don't want to quit and go off and drown myself in my sister's troubles. That's her life, not mine. It's horrible and sad and I wish to God I could change her situation, but I can't. I can only live my life the best I can, and enjoy whatever pleasure and happiness I can find in it.

In other words, I'm really back.


Mom on a mission said...

I can't wait to follow along on your weight loss journey:)

Caron said...

I don't eat the "free" fruit either. I allow myself one portion of free fruit and any others are counted as one point. It has worked great for the past year. :)

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Welcome back, I've had the same relationship with Weight Watchers - when I do it it works. On the fruit thing my leader likes to say too much of anything is too much. Yes fruit is free it just depends on how you react to it. Every body is different.

MaryFran said...

Welcome back! Weight Watchers really does work......ESPECIALLY if you have a great leader! Unfortunately, I can't make it to meetings regularly because of my work schedule (and the one or two meetings that I COULD go to have leaders that are HORRIBLE! One was eating pizza while she weighed us in.....another was bragging up a girl who was losing weight ......eating fast food for two meals a day)

Dawn said...

Wooohoooo! welcome back - and thanks for your kind comments on my blog.
I think I have learned that when I tell myself I can't do something or worse I don't want to do something, I set myself up to fail. I am sure you CAN do weight watchers and limit yourself on the free fruit front.
I sometimes go back in my blog and remind myself of how I felt ( and laugh at how very naive I was at the start.) its good to blog and write down for US where we are going but comments certainly help. i love having blog friends to cheer on - looking forward to WW good news posts!

Angie said...

Welcome back to weight watchers... I have been on the program since January 13, 2011, and I do take advantage of the free points for fruits. I try to have at least three fruits a day. So far I have lost 66 lbs and I am 5 pounds away from my goal weight. The changes that tranformed my life this past year has been over the top. Enjoy doing something for yourself... you deserve it!

Maren said...

Being REALLY back is the best thing! You seem completely motivated!

Nicole said...

So glad you will be posting more. I have been following you for awhile but don't comment. My Mom (who is 71 years young) joined weight watchers back in February and has lost 50lbs. I am thinking about joining on line or following along with you. You will do great with WW. Treat yourself with kindness and love. Have a Happy, Healthy, Joyous New Year!! :) Look forward to reading more!

Ron said...

Weight watchers worked for me, I probably should go back to it too...

june said...

It has worked for me too in the past - I reached Goal in 2008 (I lost 78 pounds) but since then, I've become lazy and not paying attention as much as I know I always need to when it comes to my weight and maintaining it, and as a result, I've put 18 pounds back in in those three years. Not a total disaster, but not great, either. So, come January 1st, 2012, I am definitely going back to WW (not sure if I want to go back to my meetings, because so many of the women there are truly bitchy and fiercely competitive with one another, that it's energy draining after a while) - most likely via the on-line route (although I really liked my leader and I like and need the accountability of someone else weighing me, rather than me and my own WW at-home scale).

i had to smile and nod my head in agreement about the free fruit thing. I felt exactly the same way as you did and wrote about, concerning the issue of 'free fruit.' It didn't make much sense to me - how could a banana that was once anywhere from 1 to 2 points, depending on the weight of the banana - now be 0 points? I had such a hard time getting my head around it, that I, too, used that as a reason (excuse) to stop WW (or at least, the meetings and the weigh-in) and tried to go it alone, at home. Yeah...right...like that was really going to work out for me...the carb-aholic, LOL.

So, taking a cue and much inspiration and motivation from your wonderful blog (as well as BitchCakes' brilliant WW blog), I'm definitely going back to WW on Sunday, the 1st. My head and my heart are ready. once again.

Thanks so much for your honesty and your wonderful, inspiring, heartfelt words, Diana. You may not fully realise this, but you ARE an inspiration to so many of us.

Well done, Diana, for all you've achieved so far - especially during these last few months, when you've been struggling with so many other difficult and painful aissues in your life and your sister's life.