It's going to be a long and busy day

Just had breakfast of an egg, thin slice of Canadian bacon and English muffin. It as a frozen store brand, Fred Myers here, but probably Kroegers in the rest of the world. It was a "Lite" version at 220 calories. Not sure of Points since not in Weight Watcher scan app, and I'm too rushed (or lazy) to put in the PointsPlus app. Love these app. Sort of tasty, fast breakfast.

Great visit with my sister last night. She couldn't stop crying when she saw me. I told her I sure hoped they were tears of happiness and not sadness. She laughed.

Husband is here and we're heading out to see my sister this morning, then appointments and then the house (the dreaded house and mass of paperwork).

No internet until I get home on Sunday morning.

Happy New Year!


Sandra said…
Happy New Year to you as well Diana. I hope all goes well for you this week.
jinxxxygirl said…
So glad hubby is with you Diana and that you had a wonderful visit with your sister. Shredding is so much more fun with a friend. LOL! Be safe and hope you get to take a minute and celebrate the New Year. Hugs! deb
jinxxxygirl said…
Oooops just read your last post and realized you'll be having a bonfire and not a shredding party. Thats even better. You and your hubby can rub noses in the firelight to hold off the frost bite........ :)
Have a Happy New Year!!
Maren said…
Happy new year!!!
Dawn said…
Have a happy new year and may 2012 bring you and your family, good things, smiles and contentment.
Here's wishing you much happiness and success in the new year. It sounds like 2011 was a good year for you, you can make 2012 even better.
Jane Cartelli said…
Thinking of you and hoping your return was a smooth one- and that your weather at home is warmer than Fairbanks.

big_mummy said…
happy new year!! i sure have missed you xx
Sending thoughts of peace, contentment and fierce strength your way, all wrapped up in a concentrated beam of super light energy! Be well, my friend. Take care of YOU. Be good to YOU. Give yourself a long and tender HUG! <3
M Pax said…
Happy New Year, Diana! Hope all is well with you. Enjoy your visit with your family.
Ron said…
Think of you often, hope you don't get to cold up there

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