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Wednesday's Words

After two really bad Ambien night's where I ate stuff I didn't remember eating, and even "dreamed" I drove my car in the middle of the night, lost and scared (pretty sure I didn't but scared the crap out of me anyway), last night I went cold turkey. No Ambien or OTC sleep aid. It was a miserable night.

I have trouble sleeping anyway but throw in a full arm cast almost to my shoulder, and it was a night from hell. I finally went to sleep around 2 a.m. (no weird eating last night), and got up at 8 a.m. feeling and looking like death.

Add in that my back is killing me from blackberry picking yesterday, and I'm not a happy girl today. Tired and feeling older than dirt.

Yesterday I managed a full hour of cardio yesterday at the gym, bike, crossramp and even 11 minutes on the StairMaster (which was pure torture). I did a few bicep and tricep exercises for my right arm, but I always feel  of kind of silly weight lifting with just my right arm, with my left arm in a …

I love you BodyMedia! Today's weight 182.2

One month with my BodyMedia and down 12.8 pounds. It's a miracle! Of course, I take a lot of the credit because it's also a lot of hard work.

I was actually 199.4 on July 19 for my physical  (pre-cast). And I'm sure  the cast weighs a little something, right? Regardless, I'm thrilled if it's only 12.8 pounds. I've lost and regained this same weight so many times that you would think I wouldn't be so happy, but I'm thrilled!

With the BodyMedia I still have to track my food, which I have done without fail for 28 days. The user interface is very easy to use and fun.

Of all the things Ive tried in my life to lose weight, this one is my favorite. The technology behind it is a small miracle.

I don't know how many of you remember this post. It was a test I had done at Swedish Hospital in Seattle to determine my BMR (base metabolic rate, which was 1,900 calories - what I would burn with no activity at all)). Then they determined my Daily Expenditure rate a…

Ambien...I don't like you anymore!

Goodbye Ambien
As my 3-year old grand-niece said with her hands on her hips, after her mother made her angry, "I've decided I don't like you anymore!".

Three nights in a row, after taking Ambien, I've basically sleep-walked and ate food I didn't plan to eat or remember eating. The first two nights it wasn't too bad, a few extra pieces of fruit that I didn't remember eating, but last night:

This was a full 8-cup container of chips (my husband's food, not mine). Worse than eating the chips is the conversation I had with my husband as I was eating them which I totally don't remember. Something about I had been good for six weeks and I deserved a treat. Approximately 600 calories!
Bye-bye Ambien. Hello sleepless in Seattle.
Best huumus in the world and I made it! Thanks to recipe, The Hummus That Changed Everything.
There's no oil in the recipe, but I drizzled olive oil over it, as Angela suggested. The first time I used a whole te…

It's almost noon and I have done....nothing

It's kind of killing me that I have all this free time, but because of my broken wrist and this cast, I can't do anything too physical or active.

It's almost noon and all I've done is have a healthy breakfast. It takes forever to prepare because I've added lots of vegetables my meals these days. Although I'm not doing Weight Watchers anymore (BodyMedia and counting calories instead), I still trying to get in 5-7 fruits/veggies a day and my healthy oil.

As with many things in my life, I think I may be addicted to Netflix streaming video. We've had Netflix forever but I've never watched much of the instant stuff. Of all the things on there to watch I chose probably the dumbest series ever made, but I love it.

I'd never heard of the ABC show, Make It or Break It. You probably never have either because it's geared towards teenage girls with an interest in gymnastics, with a touch of Mean Girls. Obviously, I'm none of those things, so it's re…

A time to heal

Even though I'm pretty sure I'm a borderline hoarder, perhaps even a full-blown one when it comes to closets, I decided the closet cleaning can wait until my wrist has healed. It was a stupid idea.

I didn't use my left hand the last two days while moving stuff, yet my left wrist was aching terribly by this afternoon. It has me concerned.

Before I decided to stop the madness, I managed to drag two big bags of clothes, ten purses (why do I keep things I don't like?), and even a belly dancing kit (a Xmas gift, the box not even opened), among many other treasures.

I shoved the rest of my junk valuables back into the closet. I'm done for now.

Back to just my walks and moderate one-armed gym workouts. This is not the time for me to do's a time to heal.

Weight this morning was 183.4.

The Ambien Diet

Best thing that happened to me today - I made a ponytail with one hand! With a special ponytail thing I found in a drawer and with the help of gravity. I have a ponytail! It's like a little piece of heaven. Yes, I do lead an exciting life.

I should be working on my closet mess, which has now spilled over into the rest of the house. It's like my closet is a bottomless pit of junk. I can't believe the stuff I'm finding. Like 12 pairs of size 12 pants (jeans and dress slacks), so far. I still have piles of clothes to sort through.

I haven't comfortably worn size 12 for about a year. Why are they still hanging there if they don't fit? We all know the answer...because I was going to lose the extra weight...soon. I also have lots of size 14 and 16 clothes. In boxes in the garage are the size 8's and 10's from two years ago. I never dreamed I'd outgrow my size 12's, for about the 20th time in my life.

I actually don't even know what size I wear ri…

My strange addiction

I typed this yesterday, a paragraph here and there throughout the day, then forgot to hit "publish" before I went to bed. So this really was my day yesterday, Tuesday.

My addiction isn't as interesting or dangerous as eating my couch (where do they find those people?), but I'm addicted to buying (not eating) magazines. I buy a magazine or two at a time, sometimes I read an article or two, sometimes not. After a couple months (or after watching a Hoarders episode) I throw them all away. Usually 20-30 magazines at a time, mostly health related. Really a waste of money.

I guess I could take then to a senior center, but would they really want to read articles like "Sexy Abs, Butt & Thighs"? There's something similar on almost every magazine cover.

Right now I'm looking at a stack of 25 from June, July, August, September. Everything from Oxygen (my fave), Women's Health, Fitness, Oprah Magazine, Shape, Weight Watchers, Natural Health, Prevention…

Senior Monday

I had an argument with my husband yesterday. It was about dishes. Enough said.

I decided to go see a movie alone. Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Great movie. I discovered Glaceau Vitaminwater Zero Naturally Sweetened Water Beverage Lemonade (with Stevia). Delicious poured over a cup of ice.

As I was standing in line, waiting to buy my ticket, I noticed the sign said Senior Monday, $6.00. Age 62 and up. Six more years and I'll be a senior. Just think of all the money I can save.

Then it was my turn. I stepped up to the counter and ask for one adult ticket. The young man, about 18, asked "Senior?". I said "yes". I don't know why I did that, but he said okay, took my $6 and gave me a ticket.

I told him "I'm only 56!" He said "too late, I already rung it up." Gee, thanks a lot. As if I didn't already feel lousy, now I can pass for 62 years old.

It's a quarter after one and I need...

It's a quarter after one and I need...a dry cast! I walked for an hour and a half last night at 8pm. The evening was gorgeous. It was 81 degrees with a nice breeze. I was really pushing myself which resulted in a disgusting and very sweaty cast. I've been tucking Kleenex in it and soaking up the sweat. It's totally gross, cold and clammy and really wet. Next I'm going to try the hairdryer. I was asleep for three hours but the cast woke me up because it's so uncomfortable.

My walk
I found a new trail and I'm very excited about it. It's the same BPA trail in Federal Way, a  ten-mile paved loop from my house where I use to ride my bike (too fast...hence broken wrist).

Last night I discovered there's a dirt trail that runs next to the paved trail. It's separated by brush by about 200 feet in most areas. I like this a lot better because the terrain is a lot rougher, much hillier, and fewer people. I had a much harder and more interesting workout last nigh…

I spent the night with Elvis

Okay, so it wasn't the whole night, only about ninety minutes. It wasn't the real Elvis, but this guy, Elvis impersonator Steve Sogura (who was incredibly and surprisingly good):

It was our 23rd wedding anniversary yesterday. We usually try to do something different or special on our anniversary because it is a special day (Lord only knows how we made it this far).

Since I can't travel (my flight benefits are suspended - which is fine), my husband wanted to go to the Muckleshoot Casino for their all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. Personally, I'd almost rather have my eyes poked out with a sharp stick.

a.) I hate casinos. The noise, the smoking, and watching people that you know can't afford it throwing away good money is all almost more than I can stand. I'm not a gambler and personally, I just do not understand the entertainment value. I've tried it a few times and thought it was boring and a waste of money (obviously Ive never won anything substantial).

b.) …

Wednesday's Cruise in pictures

The day was fun. Good people, good food, good weather..
I ate as healthy as possible on the cruise considering we had to pre-order the food and no nutritional information available. I had salmon, mashed potatoes that were amazing but I ate only about 1/3 cup, and fresh asparagus. There was bread and a little salad before lunch and strawberry cheesecake afterwards that was the best cheesecake I've ever tasted (I had one very tiny bite). My best guesstimate using BodyMedia to log my food was 670 calories for that one meal. I had even left a lot of food on my plate.
Exercise lacking yesterday but I made up for it today (StairMaster).
Doctor appointment in the morning to review my lab results. 
Too tired to write anything else (with my one hand).
What we saw when we got off the chartered bus from our corporate office.
From onboard the boat from the dining room.
From the top deck.
More from the deck
The top deck.
The 35-year lapel pin. There were company anniversaries from 20 to 40 years (sta…

I really wanted to say something worthwhile, but it takes too many words

Just checking in, me and my one hand.

Weight today is 184.6. Woohoo! Much better than the 199.6 I saw at the doctors office 3 weeks ago, Followup visit with her Friday to review my lab work. Got the results in the mail last night. Looks like she had every possible test run on me. I don't even know what a lot of it means. Guess I'll find out Friday.

I'm off work for three weeks until the cast comes off. I made the decision last Friday and my doctor agreed. I can't type all day with one hand, with the other one up in the air (above my heart) so it doesn't swell. I tried last week and was miserable. I went home each day with major backaches from how I was sitting. Being home with this cast isn't fun so don't envy me.  I have over 700 hours of sick leave so I'll be getting paid.

Although I do have an event to attend today. It's my best friend's 35 years with our company celebration today. An Argosy cruise around Puget Sound. It's catered and I o…

I hope my arm doesn't rot and fall off

Sorry about my continuous complaints about my cast and being one-handed. I know I'm being over dramatic, but I've never had a cast or a broken anything. I kind of hate it.

Every time I whine about some inconvenience of this cast I think of the woman that had her face, eyes, and hands eaten by a chimp Which for some reason that day it was on the news last week I couldn't say the word chimp. I kept saying "shrimp". "Did you hear about the woman that had her face eaten off by a shrimp? I mean shrimp! No, c-h-i-m-p!" It was like I had a stroke or something. Really weird (and maybe a tiny bit funny if such an event can be funny).

Sorry about all the typos in my last few posts. I need to remember spell check!

Now, back to my whining...

The cast drama
I'm trying not to sweat when I go for my walks or go to the gym, but it's impossible! To get my heart rate up to 120-130, which is actually sort of low, I sweat. Normally this is a good thing but my cast …

BodyMedia weekly summary - I love this thing!

Just a quick evening update (2 posts in one day typed with on hand!).

This is my BodyMedia's "Performance Summary" for the last seven days. I can get a 7, 14, 21, or 28-day summary. Very cool.

Sleep isn't as bad as it looks because I didn't wear the BodyMedia one night. Too uncomfortable, and fighting with cast and the BodyMedia was too much! I'm getting use to it and sometimes I even forget I have it on (the BodyMedia, NOT the cast!)..

I love this part:

And this one (missed my average daily calories burned by 19 calories...not bad):

I love this one too!
 You can see why I'm in love wiyh my BodyMedia. It's a super cool weight loss tool. There are other parts to the report. Every category is broken dow..

Well, my right hand is complaining so bed time!

I found an advantage of having only one good arm--upper body workouts take half the time!

I Googled "one arm cast workouts" and found several sites suggesting to keep training the arm that isn't in a cast. I had been wondering if I should just let both arms lose their muscle tone (which was killing me). Almost everything I read said that it's best to continue to work out the good arm. They suggested to not increase it's strength but to maintain it. That made me very happy.

Today was my first right-arm strength training routine. I did it at home with 10- and 15-pound dumbbells. It seemed really weird and only took 20 minutes for six exercises (3 sets each and 12 to 15 reps each set).

I have to keep my left arm with the cast up in the air so it doesn't swell. The cast is very snug around my wrist to keep it totally immobile (at least I guess that's why, or maybe it was just to just torture me!). If it swells just a tiny bit the pressure is almost unbearable.

I've been keeping up on the cardio workouts on a regular basis, mostly by walking, b…

Making lemonade...with a broken wrist?

I bet you thought I was going to say "making lemonade with lemons". My last few post have been trite sayings, albeit true. Especially the "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger".

I'll be the first to admit I was a big baby yesterday. I was an emotional wreck. Going in for what I thought was nothing more than an x-ray that I was sure would prove nothing was wrong with me and the pain was totally imaginary, and then walking out with a full knuckles to shoulder cast was devastating. Add in the time of three months minimum in the cast and possible surgery, well, I guess I was in a state of shock. All I could do was cry.

My first thought was my upper body weight lifting. I couldn't lift weghts for three months. That was like the end of my world as I knew it. Yes, I know. BIG BABY.

Then there was all the stuff I couldn't do for myself. Open jars, do my hair, fasten my bra, carry more than one item at a time (like breakfast AND a cup of coffee). Let's…

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Don't I look miserable? I tried to smile but honestly, I just want to cry.

I have a severe fracture of my scaphoid wrist bone. Only the most important bones in my wrist.

A full cast for three months...if I'm lucky. The alternative is surgery in a month if it's not healing properly. I don't like either option but I hate surgery.

Several of you suggested seeing a doctor after my bike accident. Since I was still having wrist pain I scheduled an appointment for this morning with an orthopedic surgeon. I actually saw three surgeons this morning. The first was a young intern, barely wet behind the ears, then the real doctor, then the #1 orthopedic surgeon in the area (at least that's what they told me), he just happen to be down to the Federal Way Clinic from the Seattle Virginia Mason Clinic. He's the one that made the diagnosis and had them put me in this miserable cast.

This is life I guess. Ironic because I love doing upper body workouts. Well, that's not go…

Another year older...another year better?

Today was my 56th birthday. I sort of felt like a wreck this morning. My injuries from my bike crash last weekend are still plaguing me. My wrist still hurts, my knee is still swollen and feels like a water balloon is attached to it, and to make things worse, I woke up with a sore throat and sneezing today. Happy birthday to me.

We had plans to head up to Mt. Rainier to hike at Sunrise. The cooler was packed with healthy food and the backpacks with hiking supplies. I was very disappointed to tell my husband it probably wasn't a good idea for me to go hiking because I felt like crap. Luckily, I'm married to a very understanding person and what could have been a really rotten birthday turned into a day of fun.

My husband brought me a dozen roses and a cute card with kittens that sang happy birthday with kitties meowing. I'm a cat person so it was very appropriate. He signed it "Love, from all of us!".

We sat around in our bathrobes until noon and then ate one of t…

I miss my left hand

Since my bike accident last Saturday when I sprained my left wrist, my left hand has been pretty useless. I can type (although even typing hurts a little), but I can't even lift a coffee cup without wincing with pain. I accidentally lifted my purse with my left hand today, and it almost brought me to my knees with pain.

I'm really regretting my decision not to see the doctor after my accident. It took the swelling in my hand three days to go down so that it looked more human (it looked like a fake hand), and it's still a bit swollen. I can't wear my wedding ring or my watch. Since it sort of hurts all the time, I've decided to go see the doctor. Even if there's nothing they can do, at least I'll feel better knowing it will heal someday (I hope!).

My most favorite part of going to the gym is the weight lifting. I detest cardio, always have and probably always will. Since lifting even a five-pound dumbbell this week was out of the question, I stayed out of t…