Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The continuing saga

So much has happened in the last twelve days I almost don't know where to start.

My Fairbanks trip on New Year's Eve was a disaster. Remember how my sister wouldn't stop crying that evening? It continued into the next day when my husband and I visited in the afternoon. Nothing but tears and squeezing my hand until I thought she was going to break it.

I asked if she was okay. No. I asked her if someone had hurt her, yes and more tears. I looked at my husband and I felt my heart stop. My worst nightmare was for someone to hurt my defenseless sister and she could never tell us who hurt her.

This was Friday, December 30. I called APS (Adult Protection Services) in Fairbanks and told them they needed to do an immediate investigation with my sister. They did and concluded my sister had been hurt, arm and ankle twisted, by my crazy niece, and threatened. There was a restraining order put in place (at least that's what the owner of the home told me) to prevent my niece's family from seeing my sister.

There's more to this story that I'm going to leave out, mainly because my niece is suing me, or at least she is threatening to sue me.

A lot happened my since my last post on December 30 to Sunday, January 8. Things I'd like to forget, but will probably haunt me the rest of my life.

Bottom line, my sister now lives here in Seattle, about fifteen minutes from my home. She's happy, and can't stop smiling. She went from being bedridden, living in a hell hole assisted living home in Fairbanks to a gorgeous adult family home with five other residents. In only 24 hours she was scooting herself around all day in her wheelchair.

She went from wearing the same shirt and Depends all day and night, and eating in bed to getting up (with help of course), getting dressed in real clothes and having breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room where she can look out large windows. She eats with the other residents. In her old home she was in a basement room with a little window she couldn't even see out of and had her meals in bed. It was horrible.

She's even making friends. They told me that she and the Alzheimer's lady (a former teacher with a masters in education) talk back and forth in their own strange secret language (can't wait to see that).

I can't tell you how much lighter my heart is these days. I know my lovely sister will never be like her old self, there was too much brain damage. I do now that now she is having the best quality of life she can have for someone in her condition. She's happy. Which makes me happy.

I'm in the Anchorage airport, waiting for my flight back to Seattle. Even though I made the trip from hell with my sister just two days ago when I basically kidnapped her and brought her to Seattle (I can do that as her legal guardian per the District Attorney's office), I had to go back to Fairbanks last night to testify in court against another niece about being evicted from my sister's apartment complex (which sold!).

I really should write a book some day.


Jenny S said...

Wow, Diana... you really could write a book. I'm so happy to hear that you sister is safe and near you in Seattle!! What a blessing. What a sad read to hear how she had been hurt and crying. What is wrong with people?! They'll have to answer for it someday. And the laws of reaping and sowing are always in effect - they will reap what they've sown. Hugs to you during this difficult time!

Diandra said...

This is great news. I am sorry you had to pull your sister out of her familiar surroundings, and I am sorry that she now has to live further away from your other niece, but it sure sounds as if it was the best possible option. I wish you all the best!

Mom on a mission said...

I am do sorry to hear that your sister was physically hurt by another family member. It is so sad:(

Caron said...

You are the best sister ever! What a great thing that you rescued her from her former awful environment and she is now happy. To take advantage of and hurt someone in her condition is almost unforgivable. Hang in there.

Carrieheff said...

OMG how sad. Thank GOD your sister has you to protect her! It's such a shame that her own kids can't do right by her. I'm SO glad you've gotten her close to you and don't have to constantly worry about what's happening with her. God bless you for stepping up and doing the right thing!! Be careful of the crazy nieces though. I hope you carry mace or something when you are anywhere near them. So happy to finally hear from you and know you are OK.

Kyle Gershman said...

Book? I want the made for TV movie!

Sarah G said...

What an absolute nightmare! Your strength is just amazing. I am so glad your sister is safe and happy now.

Beth said...

It's uplifting to see that you have something to be happy about! So sorry for what you've been through.

Katie J ♥ said...

You are a good sister Diana. What a horrible daughter to hurt her momma like that. She should be punished for sure.

It is good to hear she is close by and HAPPY! That takes a load off of you for sure and now you don't have to traipse to AK to help her. Better for everyone...

Deniz said...

My word Diana, I can't say how much my heart has been aching for you.

But I'm SO glad for your sister that a) she was able to express what had happened, and b) that you set things in train to protect her, and that c) she is now happy and living the best possible life again, in safety (and near to you). And I'm SO glad for you that you can see her happy again. Please, if there's a God, let your life have less stress for a while now.

You are such a wonderful person (and the best sister!). Sending you Zen hugs and the strength to carry on, looking after you as well as your lovely sister.