Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lbs. the movie

I've been reading Pamela's blog, Uncovering Pamela, for almost four years, when I first started blogging in February 2008. She was the first person to post a comment on my blog and she was always there to support me. Pamela doesn't post much these days. She's discovered a life outside of the blog world, and has a busy social life these days. I miss her, but I'm happy for her.

Pamela wrote several posts about a movie that she loved, Lbs. She even went to the premiere in New York and met the director, writers and the star of the movie. She raved about it and I couldn't wait to see it.

Last night Pamela posted that her beloved movie, Lbs., was available on to rent. I'd never rented a movie from Amazon. I didn't even know that was something I could do. I have a Roku box (actually, we have three in our house), so I was thrilled to find out I could download a movie from Amazon to my Roku. It was only $3.99 for a 3-day rental. I didn't even bother to see if it was on Netflix yet because I wanted to see it immediately.

The IMDB gives this description:  A 315-pound man decides to kick his food addiction by moving to the country.

I'm sorry Pamela, but I hated this movie. I mean H-A-T-E-D it. I found it depressing, boring, and left me with a feeling of hopelessness. I didn't love the main character, in fact, I sorted hated him too. I didn't like the story line. I just didn't like anything about it. 

I almost didn't write this post because I respect and admire Pamela a lot, but this is one thing we disagree on.

I advise you to go ahead and rent Lbs. It was rated A+ by yahoo users, and won a New York film award and was a Sundance feature film, so maybe it's just me. It's only $3.99 to rent for three days through Amazon, and maybe you'll get something worthwhile out of it, I didn't get anything out of it except a bit of sadness (and I sure don't need any additional sadness in my life). I prefer happy movies. Lbs. did not make me laugh or feel good about life, that's why I didn't like it.


bbubblyb said...

I'm sorry you didn't like the movie Diana. I haven't seen it but thought I might. I'm not much on sad or depressing movies so I might skip it. I agree we don't need more sadness in our lives. I try to stick to the upbeat happy movies myself but like my son would say "that's not real life mom" but then I tell him "well isn't that part of the reason we watch movies so we can always have the happy ending". Hope you're feeling better today. *hugs*

Human in Progress said...


Diana, I second your review. I rented the movie two nights ago and really, really wanted to like it and be inspired by it. But I pretty much hated the main character. I found him overly immature, selfish, and self-pitying (we all have this in degrees, but note the word "overly"). The lack of empathy for his drug addict friend was disgusting to me. And at the end, his gloating over his brother-in-law's slight weight gain was a turnoff, too. I know we were supposed to smugly enjoy his little "victory" over the "mean" brother-in-law, but showing true regret over ruining his sister's wedding, and making amends to that couple, would have been way more admirable. That's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of his personality...ugh. I just couldn't root for him.

Kyle Gershman said...

Thanks for an honest review. I haven't seen it, it isn't currently available on Netflix, and I likely wouldn't enjoy it either.

I hate to admit it, and may even write a blog post about it, but I'm starting to become a fat-bigot...meaning that I'm getting more and more disgusted by obese people that I see and what they are doing or not doing.

I know...that sucks...and I should be way more compassionate...but dang sometimes.

Carbie Girl said...

What is it about people saying a movie is bad that suddenly makes me want to see it? lol I've never even heard of it, but perhaps may check it out now that my curiosity is peaked!

Miz said...

crap :)
Im with carbie girl....

Human in Progress said...

LOL that is funny! Would love to know what you guys think, if you get around to watching it. Whether you like the movie or not, there's plenty of stuff to discuss out of it. I'm curious to know how other people react to the main character.