Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let there be light!

After 54 hours without electricity, we spotted the Puget Sound Energy trucks at the end of our street around 6 p.m. yesterday. It was cold, dark and wet out but there they were, restoring electricity to our street. I seriously love those guys. They were working around the clock, 24/7, restoring power to over 300,000 homes in the area. It was a cold and rough 54 hours without power, but we made it.

Funny story, about three hours before the power came back on, my husband hooked up our generator. We plugged in the refrigerator, the coffee pot and we had TV. While my husband was at the store to buy more gas for the generator, the power came on. I knew as soon as he hooked up the generator, we'd get power. He should have done it three days ago!

Thank goodness for our gas fireplace which kept the family room warm and toasty, and our gas hot water heater so we could still take showers. I even washed my hair and then sat by the fireplace trying to dry it. You don't realize how much you rely on electricity until it's gone.

I couldn't even go to the gym because because their power was out too even after the streets cleared up. I thought that was a pretty good excuse for not working out. 

We were house-bound Wednesday and Thursday because the snow was so bad we couldn't get out of our driveway. My husband has a four-wheel drive truck so he could have made it, but he decided it wasn't worth dealing with all the other drivers and the mess out there. When the ice storm hit on Thursday, I'm not sure the 4x4 would have done him that much good.

It was truly an amazing sight this past week. Here are a few pictures from the Snowpocalypse or Iceaggeddon (everyone had a name for it). Most of the ice and snow are gone now with temperatures in the 40's, but it was fun while it lasted.

My car, encased in ice. I had chipped the ice off the back and side windows, but I couldn't get the doors open because of the 1/4 inch of ice had frozen them shut.

A Tree in front of L.A. Fitness

The parking lot at Fred Meyers (grocery store that was open).

A tree in front of Fred Meyers

Another ice encrusted tree

Close up of the ice on branches - it was just beautiful

Our Japanese maple tree in front of our house

View down our street. My husband was trying to get his truck cleaned off so he could take me to work on Friday. It took him about 20 minutes. Luckily he has remote auto start so it could thaw from the inside out or he might not have been able to open the doors because of the sheath of ice covering it.

More ice encrusted branches on our Japanese maple. I had a fascination with the ice.

The bamboo in our front yard. It's usually about 15 feet tall and completely blocks the view of our neighbor across the street. Now it's only about three feet tall since the ice made it fall, and we can see our neighbor from our front window (which I hate).

I made it to the gym yesterday, but my eating hasn't been stellar these past few days. A lot of eating out which I'm not accustomed to doing, and sometimes I didn't make the best food choices. We went to the movies Friday night and I had  popcorn and candy. I haven't done that in years and my husband was shocked. I told him to leave me alone, I was going through a bad spell. The whole sister/niece thing, and now the storm and no power, who gives a shit anyway about what I eat. I know. Silly me. Of course I care. Now it's back to the grindstone, eating right and exercising. Life goes on.


jinxxxygirl said...

If this keeps up maybe you should invest in a pair of snow shoes. LOL! i hear they are good exercise. :)Getting snowed in would be a great reason to go off plan. I've never been snowed in so it would be quite the event. What did you see at the movies??? We saw Haywire...i thought it was just okay....i really wanted to see Underworld...with Kate Beckinsale......

Maren said...

Oh it looks so coooold!!

Jenny S said...

Love the ice around the tree pics! I hadn't seen any of those yet. I'm thankful that we stayed in Seattle at the Camlin for a few days vacation beginning last Thursday, so we were warm and toasty during some of the worst. :)

Lethal Astronaut said...

OMG - I've never seen anything like that before! Being raised in Australia (typical summer temperatures around the century, and never seeing snow) and now living in New Zealand (snow maybe twice a year...if we're lucky), I've never seen ice on trees like that. It's so pretty!

Stay warm and snug over there!

Mrs Swan said...

The ice trees are really cool! All I can think when I see all that snow is BUUURRRRRRR! LOL

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Diana, nice job with the pictures documenting the storm. I have a few on my site today. Was crazy. Sorry you were out for 3 days!!! We lost power for 24 hours in the ice storm, then back, then lost it again for 7 hours in the windstorm early Saturday morning. And I, too, struggled to make healthy choices. Processed foods are so darned convenient in those situations.

Diandra said...

No power and no way to get out of the house... I hope you enjoyed your "days off"!

Helen said...

Those scenes are pretty typical for around here. While the ice is pretty is sure is a PITA! Parts of CT are experiencing freezing rain this morning on top of the stupid snow we got over the weekend. We too have gas heat/hot water and a small stand alone fireplace in our family room. Honestly, living where we do and without a generator, I wouldn't have it any other way! Glad you survived to tell us about it lol!