Wednesday, January 18, 2012


If you've been watching the weather channel you've probably already heard about our snowstorm here in the Pacific Northwest. They're not kidding! It's really bad. I live on the south end of Seattle (Federal Way), and we got a six inch snow dump early this morning. It's amazing, and I kind of love it. I wish it would stay for more than a few hours. Since it's 31 degrees I'm pretty sure it'll be gone by noon.

Like an idiot I got dressed and headed out to the gym. I scraped off the six inches of fluffy, dry snow from my car, the most snow I've ever seen fall here at one time. I really wanted to make a snow angel in the front yard, but I had to get to the gym (or so I thought).

I should have had a clue that it wasn't a good idea to drive anywhere when I got stuck in the street in front of my house where there's the tiniest incline. On my way to the gym, about a two-mile drive, I saw two cars in the ditch being pulled out by tow trucks. Then a semi-truck on the hill up to my house stopped in the middle of the road putting on chains. This sort of scared me so I drove right past the gym, and took the long way home (an extra three miles), to avoid the treacherous hill up to my house.

Just like everyone on my team, I'm working from home today. Maybe when the snow melts I can head over the gym this afternoon.

Last night was a real bust on the diet. I ate 3/4 of a California Pizza (frozen - I had bought two last weekend), barbecue chicken on extra thin crust and a then a big glass of red wine.

Yesterday I felt like I was starving to death all day. I'm pretty sure it was my body's reaction to the 800-calorie workout Monday night. Thirty minutes on the StairMaster and then an hour cycle class just about killed me. My eating was good all day yesterday, then last night I spotted the pizza in the freezer (something I haven't bought for years), and I succumbed. Exhausted physically and emotionally drained (niece junk all day  yesterday--will it ever stop?), I just couldn't seem to stop myself.

Today I feel better, more in control and more like I care. Last night, I just didn't care. My health didn't seem to matter. I just wanted comfort and sought it in food and alcohol. Stupid, yes. Regrets, no. Sometimes you just have to do what feels good, even if it's bad for you.

Okay, so I'm moving on today. My plan for the day: Weight Watchers! I will track my food even if it kills me and work on getting in the healthy guidelines. Exercise this afternoon, after work and after the snow melts.


Mer and Mo said...

Diana - I got in a very cold 28 degree walk with my neighbor today - so hoping that you do get to the gym. Even if it was cold I always feel refreshed after a workout (now if I can remember that everyday - cold or not)!!

Wishing you a Happy Snowy Be Safe Driving Out There Wednesday!1


jinxxxygirl said...

Hmmmm....could you have enjoyed a nice snowy walk to the gym??Maybe thats not doable. Hope you find something doable today. Hugs! deb

Diandra said...

If your exercise makes up for it, a pizza every now and then won't kill you. (I used to live on frozen pizza three to four days a week, which definitely wasn't a good choice - now we have some every other week or such, and that does not have such a huge impact. I only have to make sure I've got the calories to spend on something like pizza.)