I'm back - I was shut down by Blogger as SPAM

Blogger took down my blog as SPAM. I had too many anonymous comments that were SPAM and their automated system thought this was a SPAM blog. It took a little work to get it back up but I finally figured out how to do it. Once I figure out how, got the required information submitted, the appeal team immediately put it back up. Whew! I missed you guys. I've had to turn on moderated comments because I have to keep those spammer anonymous comments from posting or I could be taken down again.

A lot has happened the last few months. Most important is that I re-joined Weight Watchers again in mid-December. I've only lost 12.6 pounds which means I've made my 5%. This isn't setting any records but at least it's a start. Down to 205.

I went to my Weight Watcher meeting yesterday and found out my leader is retiring. I actually cried. She's the best Weight Watcher leader in the world. I found out why she's quitting. It's because she makes her meetings unique and they want her to conform to their standard. Her meetings are always packed and she has three of them on Saturdays where it's almost standing room only. I think Weight Watchers should conform to her, but not everyone can be like her. She's vivacious, hysterically funny, and extremely compassionate. She's a jewel. This is her last week and next Saturday my meeting will be her last meeting. It's very sad, but my girlfriend and I agreed we'd keep going to meetings and try to find someone we like.

I'm back at the gym and have been for several weeks. I had to take off last week because I came down with a horrible cold that knocked me flat for a solid four days. I went back to the gym yesterday and had a good workout. It felt good to move again after spending almost an entire 48 hours in bed.

The criminal trial for my husband's assault against me is tentatively set for March 5, but most likely will be delayed. I won't know for sure until Tuesday when there's a hearing with the prosecutor and my husband's defense attorney. The divorce trial isn't until November 3. Almost a year from when I filed. Long story on that one, but it's a very messy divorce. One thing that is really positvie about all of this is that I love living alone. The late night eating has completely halted as well as my obsessive TV watching. It seems to have somehow been tied to my incredibly bad marriage.

That's about it. I guess not that much has happened. It seems like every day when I couldn't blog, I would think, 'oh, I need to blog about that!', but I couldn't. Now that I can, I'm drawing a big, fat blank. I just wanted to let you all know I'm back.

Spam Alert: I just went back and looked at my old posts. Wow! I got hit hard by spammers. Almost every post had 200 to 500 comments. Spam comments. When I turned on moderation you can't see any of the old comments, not even the few valid ones, but that's better than seeing hundreds of spam comments. I won't go back and clean them up. Too many. I'll just leave them not visible. It's no wonder Blogger shut me down. I don't blame them. I didn't even realize this had happened since the spammer systems were hitting on old posts, never the current day's post, so I didn't even notice it. This is something everyone needs to be aware of. Check your old posts to make sure those spammer creeps aren't hitting you. Turn on comment moderation if you have to. If you get shut down, email me and I'll give you the link to get help. It wasn't easy for me to find it so I suspect others might have a problem with it too. I mistakenly thought I just needed to hit the restore blog button and all would be good. It's not quite that easy, but it is easy once you know where to go for help.


Diana said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
BeckyAnne said…
Happy that you're back. I missed reading your blog.
Darcy Winters said…
Welcome back! I think our WW leader quit because of the same thing. She was doing three meetings a week and then two and then one and then....just disappeared.
MaryFran said…
I started to get hit a LOT by spam comments....I made changes and it seems to have stopped them. Good luck! And I'm glad you are back!

Yay for going back to weight watchers. I think it's terrible that the awesome leader is being forced out. When I did weight watchers I had some phenominal leaders...they should have been cloned, so I know what you are talking about! As for the weight loss...do NOT say 'should have could have been more'. You are LOSING!!!!!! YAY YOU!!!

I'm glad you are back. I started reading your blog awhile back and was bummed when you "stopped". Now I know why and I am happy I can follow what is going on again. Sorry to hear about your WW leader. Hopefully, you will find another good one. :)
Diandra said…
Good thing you're back! I was worried...

As for the spam comments - there is a blogger setting I used when I was still around that would allow to only moderate comments for posts older than two weeks. That took care of all the spam I got...
Deniz said…
Hi Diana
I'm so glad to see you back - I was pretty worried about you to be honest.
Hope the WW thing works out, but very glad to hear you sounding good and positive aside form that. Hugs from the UK.
Ida said…
Glad you got everything worked out. I guess I don't have toworry about it because no one comments on my blog these days. Not that I am blogging much, anyhow. Good luck to you as you have rejoined WW. I know it worked for you in the past.

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