Thursday, March 21, 2013

Life is good!

Yesterday was a very bad day. From the start to the end, then my doctor called me and everything was suddenly much better.

A recap of my day from hell:

1. My commute to work is usually 20 minutes. It was over an hour. There was a 10-mile backup on the freeway on my way to work. My I5 commute is 10 miles, and yes, the backup was my entire 10 miles.

2. When I finally got to work I was informed there was a bad bug in our beta software that was in two stations. It was my bug. I skipped a couple meetings to work on it. Luckily it was an easy fix, but a stupid mistake on my part. It got past me and the testers but was found in the field after a week of beta.

3. My project manager informed me that my estimate for a hideous project I've been assigned is too large. I need to cut it back. I've never been asked to do this before so it was kind of a shock. My estimates are usually right on the mark so I have no idea how I can squeeze six months of work into four. Especially when the requirements aren't even done so there a many unknowns.

3. I found out from my accountant that filing my taxes is going to be difficult. Filing "married, filing separately", in a community property state, when you're not speaking to your spouse because of a restraining order, makes it hard. Involves a tax accountant and attorneys.

4. I bounced a check at my credit union. It didn't really bounce but I received a nasty note from my credit union that although the money was in my savings I had exceeded the six transfers allowed per month from savings to checking. They paid it but charged me $25 NSF fee (!). This is a tiny little credit union through my company. They are my temporary bank so I could my check deposited somewhere besides our old joint checking account. My check goes into savings, a mistake I made when I set up the direct deposit. I tried to change it last night and the system locked me out and said I couldn't make any changes to my direct deposit. So now my check is set to be deposited no where and tomorrow is payday (!).

5. The CT scan. Drinking the barium and getting shot with dye wasn't bad. The barium is gross and I gagged a little but I got down the two bottles. Then the incredible pain started. I really thought I was going to die. After the CT scan I came home and went to bed, in the fetal position. I was in tears from the pain. It finally subsided after a few hours and a lot ibuprofen and several trips to the bathroom.

6. My niece's husband called me around 6pm. This is the niece that's suppose to come down from Alaska on Easter to see her mother (my sister). It would be the first time she's seen her mom since I moved her down here January 2012. Her husband told me my niece had tried to commit suicide that morning by taking a bottle of Tylenol and a bottle of aspirin. 250 pills. Luckily when he found her past out ont he couch when he came home from work, he rushed her to the ER. He said she was incoherent and throwing up. The good news is that she'll be okay. She was in the psych ward about three weeks ago for a week stay, and tried to check herself in again last week but they sent her home. As soon as she's out of ICU they'll put her in the psych ward again. I truly don't understand depression and suicide, but I know she must be in terrible pain to do something like this. This is about her twelfth attempt in the last fifteen years.

Now for the GOOD news (yes, there's really good news from yesterday). My doctor called me about 7:30pm. Of course that scared me because the clinic closes at 5pm. They know what's wrong with me and it's not terrible, and is totally fixable. I have an 8.5 centimeter uterine fibroid (3 1/2")--this is probably why I feel like my insides are going to fall out. I wrote down "abnormal" next to it in my notes but I don't remember why. I also have an ovarian cyst on my right ovary. That's where the pain is the most intense when a  pain episode starts (and they're happening more often now and more intense). My doctor referred me to an OB/GYN doctor who will be calling me today. She said I'll probably need a hysterectomy, but they'll discuss that with me more. I'm just thrilled to know what has been causing the pain and that it can be fixed. No signs of cancer and mostly likely the cyst isn't cancerous and fibroids are never cancerous.

So even though it was a hell of a day, it ended on a very good note. I'm so happy that it wasn't all in my head and that it can be fixed. Life is good!


june said...

Dear Diana - It's amazing to me that my very first thought - on the off-chance - that the pain you've been experiencing could be fibroids.

You didn't describe your symptoms, but from the distressed tone in your post about it, it was the first and immediate thought that came to my mind. Probably, too, because I've had them and I recognised the distress you expressed.

If you'd like to email me or if you'd like me to email you privately about it in depth, just give me your email address and we'll chat.

It will be okay - I promise you. I'm living proof of that, and know this from first-hand experience with fibroids.

Diandra said...

See? I told you knowing is better.

Sorry for your niece. From experience I guess she is in a really, really dark place. And there is nothing anyone on the outside can do to help. I hope she finds a way out of the woods.

As for the rest - shit happens. Yesterday the BF needed more than two hours for a 30km (what is that, 20 miles?) ride. And our car was on the verge of dying anyway. At night we accidentally spilled his potatoes and sour cream on the white livingroom rug and simply sat there and laughed because the day had been such a waste of daylight.

Carrieheff said...

Wow, your life really is a roller coaster! I'm glad everything will be OK. I truly hope the rest of the year goes smoother for you but from the sounds of it you won't be out of the woods until 2014. I will keep praying for you!

Ida said...

So glad the tests didn't show anything extremely bad. Keep hanging in there, kiddo. It is a very dark valley you are going through, but God is there with you and you have some wonderful friends in your corner, too. Sending hugs.