Monday, April 1, 2013

Endometrial cancer biopsy of a nulliparous woman

Nulliparous:  a woman that has never given birth.

I wanted to post this while the experience is fresh in my mind. Also, if there's anyone out there that does a search for this, they can read about my experience.

I finished the procedure about 20 minutes ago. I'm not going to lie and say it didn't hurt, because it hurt like hell. The good part is it only hurt like hell for about three minutes. The other fifteen minutes were uncomfortable, but completely bearable. Those three minutes were bearable too since I'm sitting here writing about it, but it was some pretty intense pain. On my scale, I'd give it a 7 or 8. I've never given birth or had anything really bad to compare it too, so I probably tend to rate my pain higher than most people.

I am a nulliparous woman, meaning I have never given birth. To get to the uterus my doctor had to insert a very slender straw-like tube through my cervix. The tube appeared to be less than 1/8 of an inch and I thought it wouldn't be that difficult. My cervix disagreed and was closed up tighter than a clam. It refused to let anything get through. Even the misoprostol (the abortion pill) didn't seem to have any effect on my cervix. My doctor said it probably had helped a little but she still couldn't get the tube through the cervix and into my uterus.

This meant the big needle came out, with the local anaesthesia. Just the idea of what appeared to be a six inch needle going inside of my vagina to get to my cervix was unpleasant. There was a quick pinch with the needle, then it was over.

Next came the tube again. Even though I'd had the local, that tiny tube cause intense pain when it went through my cervix. It was the worst cramps that I've ever experience as my cervix seem to go into convulsions. I could hear the suction as tissue was sucked from uterus lining (which now fills my uterus). Fortunately things went well and there was plenty of tissue removed for the biopsy. There were a few tears, but I got through it.

Even after the tube was removed, I still had cramping and it took a few minutes before I could sit up again and breathe normally.

I'm writing this because what I read online didn't match what happened to me. Every article said there might be a sharp pain or some mild cramping. Of course, the fact that I've never born a child and that nothing has ever passed through my cervix is probably what made my pain a little more intense. It was only for a few minutes but it was very uncomfortable.

Fortunately, I have an amazing doctor. She's extremely kind and understanding and reassured me that what I felt was completely normal for someone who has never had a child. She also told me she was going to be in Seattle tomorrow and she'll call her friend in pathology and ask them to move me to the top to get the biopsy results. Hopefully by tomorrow at this time I'll know something.

I'm fairly confident that it's not cancer. However, I read this morning that a woman that is more than 50 pounds or more overweight increases her risk of endometrial cancer by ten-fold. That means I'm ten times more likely to get this cancer. However, even if it is cancer, I'll beat it.


Carrieheff said...

Geez I go out of town for a few days and all hell breaks loose! I'm glad your procedure is over and done with. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that everything comes out ok. It really is a kick in the pants to realize that some of this stuff is caused by obesity isn't it? You have lost the weight before and you can do it again. We both can! Please keep us posted on what the doctor says.

june said...

Oh, Diana. I wish there were something more I could say (or do) than just send you healing energy across the miles, and more than just 'think positive thoughts' as far as this being anything as serious as cancer.

Just know and trust that there are so many people who care for and about you, and are offering prayers to help you through this extremely trying and worrying time.