Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kale chips are not potato chips and the beauty of mindfulness

For at least a year I've been reading on different blogs about delicious kale chips. I bought two big bunches of organic kale at Whole Foods and finally, yesterday, I set about making my fake potato chips. I found a recipe online that was five stars, it was kale, olive oil and sea salt.

After carefully washing my kale, putting it in the salad spinner to remove all moisture, tossing it with the olive oil and sea salt, then spreading it out in a single layer on my biggest cookie sheet, baking ten minutes at 275 degrees, flipping each piece of kale over and baking another ten minutes, I sat down for what I expected to be a delicious treat.

They were crunchy and beautiful. I took a bite and my conclusion, YUK! Are you kidding me?! I had a mouthful of nasty, powdery, KALE. Disgusting. I don't know how anyone could say they taste "just like potato chips". They tasted just like...well, baked kale.

I went back and looked at the recipe and reviews again. I had followed it exactly and there were over a 1,000 reviews with an average of five stars out of five stars ( I guess you really can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. I ended up crumbling the "chips" into my beef-barley soup I had made before I knew I had cancer. Beef is off my list of cancer-fight foods I can eat, but I had made this soup and froze it over a month ago. There's only about two ounces of beef per serving so I'm finishing it off since it's so good. Next time I'll make it with free-range organic chicken and chicken broth. The crumbled kale added a vegetable to my soup so that was good, but baked kale chips eaten as potato chips are an urban myth.

Life is good right now. Even though I found out yesterday my husband's defense attorney is going to request a continuance of the June 11 criminal trial, which frustrates me, I'm still feeling the calm of peace after my cancer diagnosis.

I'm really focusing on mindfulness these days which is truly amazing. It really makes you stop and smell the roses along the way. I even put the mindfulness bell app on my cell phone (get it at the Google Play Store). It chimes at me periodically during the day. This makes me stop and take stock on where I am, what I'm doing and what I'm feeling. It amazing at how beautiful life is when you actually pay attention to it.

I've missed too many wonderful moments in life because I was too busy to notice and rushing through life, as though it was something I just wanted to get through. I really think cancer changes a person's life for the better. It's hard to explain until you experience it, but I've really been appreciating the small moments of beauty in my life. Whether it's the beauty of a bouquet of simple pink carnations or my blooming cherry tree in my front yard or the sun on face during these gorgeous spring days or my kitty sitting on my lap, purring as I stroke his fur, it's all good, and I finally feel a peace and happiness I've never experienced before. It's as though the cancer has been a blessing. Mindfulness. Try it, you'll like it.


ABBY said...

I'm with you on the kale "chips" idea. Sounds great, not so much. But maybe try that with sweet potato sliced very thin, I bet that would be delicious.

Carrieheff said...

Thank you for continuing to blog during this whole process. Whether you know it or not, you are an inspiration to your readers and make us stop to think about our own lives.

Ida said...

It is beautiful how you are taking something which can be so disheartening and making it a positive in your life. God bless.

Ron said...

Your amazing Diana, I have missed keeping up with your blog.

Escape Pod said...

That's so frustrating to put so much effort into making something and then not like it at all! I got hooked on Kale chips, but I discovered them first at Whole Foods before trying to make my own. Definitely not "just like" potato chips, but I enjoyed the light crispy texture, and theirs are well seasoned. Mine came out well with a very generous sprinkling of parmesan cheese ... but then, cheese makes almost everything better in my book!
I love the idea of a mindfulness app - I'll have to track that down!
I'm a Seattleite too, hope you're enjoying our glorious Spring burst of warm weather as much as I am.

bbubblyb said...

Diana you made me laugh about the kale chips, I too have thought about trying them 1000 times so guess now I will just pass lol. Yep, stopping to smell the roses is something I too have been trying to do. I've missed your positive outlook. *hugs*

Melany said...

You are doing a great job, I am so happy to see you keeping posting after all you are coming through these days.

Aimee said...

Wow, your such an inspiration. This had definitely put things in perspective in my life. I can't possibly appreciate what you must be going through but please do stay strong and you will beat it :)

Moazzam Ali said...

Thank you for continuing to blog during this whole process.
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