Saturday, October 5, 2013

I can still laugh

Probably almost everyone has already seen this video since it's gone viral on the internet. Everyone I know has posted it on their Facebook page. Yet it still made me laugh.

My last post was dreadful. I even thought about taking it down. I'm not going to remove it because I think it's important for people to know how the justice system is flawed for the victims of crimes. Delaying the court date four and now possibly five times is ridiculous. Being verbally abused by someone who is the defense attorney (the attorney of the criminal) is just plain evil.

I'm okay now. My roommate is at work today so I sat by the fireplace in my pajamas until noon. Watching stupid stuff on TV, crying, feeling sorry. I continue on with my life, do what I have to do. Work, live, love, laugh.

These are tough times but life goes on no matter what. I have a lot of good stuff in my life too. The assault, the criminal trial, the divorce - these things do not define who I am. I am more than any of these things. I am better than the defense attorney. At least I can live with myself and I don't hurt people or try to make them feel bad. I wonder how he sleeps at night. I bet he has to take sleeping pills or drinks to get to sleep.

Regardless, it's all good. I survived this past week and the week before. I will survive next week too. Hopefully I will live a good and healthy life.

Watch the video, The Fox. Live. Laugh. Love.


Sarah G said...

That video is um, weird to say the least. LOL My kids loved it. :)

Anonymous said...

Diana, you are such an inspiraton and your openness in sharing your feelings no matter how raw really helps others. I know we all have days like you described in your last post, but we don't take the time to put them down in words and get them out. I know you are doing a lot of healing thru this journal and you are helping others every day by sharing. I am praying for you that the trial gets over soon.

Amy said...

Wow, I just read the post below about you day...I don't even know what to say, but I send you good thoughts and wish you even more strength than you have already shown to get through this. Hang in there.

Deniz said...

My dear Diana,
How I wish I could give you a big comforting hug in person, rather than from a distance, and tell you what a wonderful, powerful, positive, strong, capable and altogether beautiful lady you are. I so, so want things to get easier for you not, as seems to have been happening, worse and worse!
I loved that you wrote: "I am more than any of these things." Yep, you are damn right - you are better than all of this stuff and all these 'individuals'.
Peace, health and happiness must surely come to you if there's any justice in this world.
Take care and know you are in my thoughts

Andi G said...

Haha love it Diana :)

And I know you've got a lot of stuff going on at the minute but remember to keep your chin up and stay positive. Easier said than done, but I believe it's worth the effort :)

Anonymous said...

i hope that you will still laugh to the end Diana :)

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