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The food we eat and cancer

Yesterday I went through my freezer, refrigerator, pantry and cabinets and threw away things that I considered unhealthy. I couldn't believe the pile of stuff I had when I was done. I didn't realize how much processed food I had been eating.

Even things I thought were sort of healthy, I ended up throwing out. Like Dreyers frozen fruit bars and Chobani Greek yogurt had a lot of added sugar. No wonder I loved this stuff. I'm looking at sugar as the enemy now. The last thing I want to do is feed the cancer cells.

I found an interesting article on sugar and cancer written by a doctor from the University of Texas, 'Does cancer love sugar?'. Even though the naturopath oncologist agreed with me that sugar feeds cancer, that's not necessarily true. It's more what sugar does to the waistline and it's addictive properties (which I know all about). This article recommends a maximum of 26 grams (6 teaspoons) of sugar a day for women.

If I ate just one non-fat Cho…

Lifestyle changes...a matter of life or death

I saw the naturopath oncologist on Thursday. She provided me with a wealth of information. Sadly, I was turned off by her pushiness to sell me $200 worth of supplements (a one-month supply) at the end of our appointment.

We got into a bit of an argument when I told her my current situation, divorce and now medical bills, had created a very tight budget for me. She got nasty and said this was my life we were talking about and if I wanted to live I needed to take these supplements, and of course, buy them from her since "they were of the highest pharmaceutical quality". I told her well, if it was a choice of a roof over my head or the supplements then I would have to choose the roof. It sort of ruined the good feelings I had been feeling up to that point.

Regardless, I did walk away with a lot of knowledge and $100 of "essential" supplements that she said was a must. I haven't taken any of them yet since I have to run them by my traditional oncologist to make s…

A new lease on life

As weird as this is going to sound, in a way, I'm thankful for my cancer diagnosis. You probably think I've lost my mind but it's given me new energy to fight for my life, as well an appreciation for this world that I've never had before.

I had my follow-up appointment with my oncologist and after reviewing my pathology report there were some positive numbers on it that increase my odds of surviving cancer. Perhaps moving it from 50% to a 60% five-year survival rate. Of course, these numbers are just a crap shoot and no one really knows.

Since this cancer doesn't respond well to chemo or radiation those are both off the table for now. I didn't know this but every cancer has it's own chemo cocktail. ULMS (uterine leiomyosarcoma) is so rare that it doesn't have it's own special chemo cocktail. They use what they think might work but so far the results haven't been good. If the cancer does come back, it will require more surgery and then they wil…

I have cancer

I had my total abdominal hysterectomy on April 11. After the surgery my oncologist surgeon told me everything looked good. She was sure I didn't have cancer. Since there was less than 1% chance that my fibroid was cancerous I felt confident that everything was good.

The surgery went well, although the pain after the surgery was hideous. I have a six inch vertical cut from my belly button down to right above my pelvic bone. It's not pretty but it was necessary to remove my uterus and the fibroid intact.

When I came out of the recovery room my three best friends were there waiting for me. I'm really lucky to have such great friends that care for me. I don't know how I'd get through this without them.

My body parts, uterus, fibroid, cervix and one ovary (one was left inside of me) were all sent to the lab to be biopsied. On April 17th I received a phone call from my surgeon's associate (my doctor was on vacation) that I have Uterine Leiomyosarcoma. She told me i…

Update on surgery...there is no update

Well, it turns out that surgeons are human after all. Who knew? Just as my ride to the hospital pulled into my driveway yesterday at 7:30am, I received a phone call from the hospital that my surgeon had called in sick.

I wasn't mad at all, just terribly disappointed. It never occurred to me that my surgeon might get sick. I hadn't taken a Vicodin at 2am when the last dose had worn off. Since I couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight, I couldn't take the Vicodin. It makes me really nauseated if I take it without food. By 4am I thought if I wasn't going to the hospital in a few hours that I'd be driving myself to the ER. The pain was excruciating. The first thing I did after the phone call was take two Vicodin and go to bed.

The surgery is scheduled for Thrusday, 4/11 at 6am. This morning I thought I'd try to go without the Vicodin, and if I was okay, I'd go into the office. As expceted, the pain was once again unbearable and constant. In the beginn…

Update on my health issue

Below is an email I sent this morning to my friends, family and coworkers. I thought it was easier to just post this here too for my few friends I have out in the blog world.

Thank you for your kind emails. I haven't been very good about responding to anyone. I'm sorry. I'm sort of in a tizzy with everything happening so fast.

I'll post once I'm home on Wednesday or Thursday.

******************** Hi everyone, Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. I really appreciate it. I've been debating on how much to tell everyone about what's going on with my health. I've decided to give you some details since I told a couple of you there was a chance of cancer. If you don't want to know any of this, you should stop reading now. :) ********************
In January I started having some lower abdominal/pelvic pain. Mostly cramping with some stabbing pains. It went away after a week so I didn't think much about it.
About two weeks ago the pain start…

Taking my good health for granted

Right now, I'm playing the waiting game. Waiting to hear if I have endometrial cancer. I keep telling myself I'm sure I don't have cancer. I don't "feel" like I have cancer. Yet there's that little voice in my head that keeps reviewing the statistics. Statistically, the odds are stacked against me.

Ive been thinking about the obesity factor. Obesity greater than 50 pounds over ideal body weight is 10 times more likely to develop endometrial cancer. I don't think I've ever heard this statistic before. If I had, would it have made a difference in my weight? Sadly, probably not. Because like most people, I thought I was invincible. I've always been blessed with good health. I thought that it would last forever. I was wrong.

Out of the higher risk factors for endometrial cancer, I have four of them: obesity, postmenopausal, lack of children and hypertension. I appear to be a textbook case for having endometrial cancer. Yet I still think this can&…

Endometrial cancer biopsy of a nulliparous woman

Nulliparous:  a woman that has never given birth.

I wanted to post this while the experience is fresh in my mind. Also, if there's anyone out there that does a search for this, they can read about my experience.

I finished the procedure about 20 minutes ago. I'm not going to lie and say it didn't hurt, because it hurt like hell. The good part is it only hurt like hell for about three minutes. The other fifteen minutes were uncomfortable, but completely bearable. Those three minutes were bearable too since I'm sitting here writing about it, but it was some pretty intense pain. On my scale, I'd give it a 7 or 8. I've never given birth or had anything really bad to compare it too, so I probably tend to rate my pain higher than most people.

I am a nulliparous woman, meaning I have never given birth. To get to the uterus my doctor had to insert a very slender straw-like tube through my cervix. The tube appeared to be less than 1/8 of an inch and I thought it wouldn…

I have the biopsy procedure today

Today is the biopsy of my uterus to check for endometrial cancer. I've already decided I don't have cancer and this is just a precaution. You know, positive thinking will make anything bad go away. I can't tell you how many of my friends, who mean well, keep telling me to think positive. It sort of makes me giggle. Like positive thoughts can wipe out cancer.

Regardless, I really don't think I have cancer, and I'm only having the biopsy because my doctor recommended it. Probably another unnecessary, expensive procedure to cover their backside. I think a lot of these procedures the doctors do are so they don't get sued later down the road in case there is something wrong. I guess better safe than sorry.

I'm more worried about the two little pills I have to insert vaginally in about two hours, six hours before the procedure when they insert a thin tube up through my vagina, through my cervix and into my uterus. Then a machine will suck out some cells out of …