Monday, January 20, 2014

Do I want a cookie or my foot?


Every year the month of January is dedicated to the same topic on all the television shows. Our heads are filled with suggestions on how to get healthy with weight loss and exercise.

I've heard it all, but this year it seems more intense. It's more urgent this time around, or maybe that's just me. Maybe I'm feeling more urgent. I am pushing 60. Okay, technically I'm only "58", but the years are passing me by quickly. I'm still not at a healthy weight.

Even my cancer diagnosis didn't convince me of the importance of eating right and exercising. Of everything that could convince a person to get on a healthy track, you would think cancer would scare the pants off of me (or rather, the fat off of me!).

I let the fear of my cancer returning control me for a few months. I banned sugar, white flour, choose only organic. I was even paying an arm and a leg for free-range, organic fed chicken, only to be told free-range and organic doesn't always mean what I thought it meant.

A couple weeks ago I heard something on a morning news show that jolted me. It was an actress talking about her 60-pound weight loss. I don't know her name, and even tried to go back and find the story so I could give her credit, but I can't find anything on the story.

Her story was a familiar one and perhaps one we've all been through. She was about 60 pounds overweight and borderline diabetic. She is a single mother of a young child. The actress' own mother had died of diabetes when the actress was only eight years old.

This actress said something very profound that has stuck with me since I saw the interview. She said that when she wanted to go off her diet and eat something like a cookie, she would say to herself, "Do I want that cookie or my foot?". She said the answer was easy, she wanted her foot of course!

I'm not pre-diabetic, at least not yet. I had my blood work done in December and everything was normal except the crazy cholesterol numbers. I still don't know how my cholesterol could have jumped 80 points in just six months. I go back to the doctor in March to have my blood work done again.

Back to the diabetes. I could easily become diabetic because of my weight. I had three aunts that were diabetic. One even had both of her legs amputated before she passed away from complications from the diabetes.

So my new mantra to myself lately has been, "Do I want <insert bad food choice here>, or my foot?". As creepy and morbid as this sounds, it seems to be working for me. I've really cut back on the sweets.

In fact, I've cut back on a lot of things but the weight isn't budging. I know it's because of the obvious, I'm still eating too much and I'm still not exercising on a consistent basis. My only exercise is a walk during lunch at work two or three times a week and once a week gym visits. It's not enough. My body needs more exercise.

I know the importance of a plan when it comes to getting healthy, and then following the plan. At the moment, I don't have a plan.

I dropped out of Weight Watchers. Just like everything I try when it comes to losing weight, it works for a while, then I get bored with it, and it doesn't work anymore. I don't know what the next big thing is for me.

If there's anyone reading this that has found something that really works for them, please drop me a comment and let me know what is working for you. I'm just sort of at a loss right now. I need a plan! Keeping my feet is a good plan, but I need something more.


Grace said...

Diana, so good to hear from you!!!

I think you are talking about Sherri Shepherd, I read the story a few weeks ago that she had lost 60 lbs because diabetes runs in her family.

The only thing that seems to work for me is low carb. There are several variations on that theme (atkins, paleo, south beach, 4 hour body), sometimes more fruit is allowed; but in general, you have to stay away from processed sugar. After you get through the initial sugar withdrawal, since processed sugar is not allowed at all, you don't keep bouncing back and forth to the sugar or candy bowl.

Looking forward to more posts from you. Love you!

Carrieheff said...

Wow, what a great post. I will think about my feet when I want to eat something unhealthy. I've been thinking about diet jumping lately. Doing a diet for a week or two and then switching to another diet. I have the most success in the first couple of weeks of any diet so I think the maybe if I do something different ever few weeks, I won't get bored and will benefit from that first week or two momentum. Haven't actually started it yet, but it's what I've been think about lately.

jinxxxygirl said...

All or nothing never worked for me . The sneak attack worked. Slowly (baby steps) cut back on things.... sneak attack because you will catch your body ( metabolism) unawares.. :) thats my theory anyway. Keep cutting back little at a time and upping the exercise a little at a time.... It may take a while to come off but it will come off! 1-2 pounds a week sometimes more... i know it sucks.... i know you want it off NOW. I know how you feel if you do. But thats the only thing that worked for me. Hugs! deb

MaryFran said...

THat is a good way to put our choices into the right perspective!!!! Thanks for the reminder of why we are really doing this!

dancer-in-me said...

I have been doing really small portions, no processed food and no sweets. Basically I make all my food. I also use to log my food intake and I am around 700-1200 cal. No I don't count calories that is just how small my portions are. I have lost 74 lbs. and kept it off for 18 mos. I am relosing some weight that I gained back. About 28 lbs and I am already 7lbs down using the same method in 1 week. It takes about 2 weeks to get over the sugar craving, but once you do you don't miss it. Good luck!

Shaharul said...

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