Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's not rocket science

Yesterday was sort of a fail. My eating was very healthy, but I didn't track my food after  breakfast. I didn't track it because I was lazy. I'm sure I was well within my Weight Watcher Points of 30, but I just didn't feel like making the effort to document everything I ate. I had a huge salad with about 3 oz. of cutup chicken breast for dinner, with homemade balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing. It was delicious and the first salad I've had in about a year. I'll do better at tracking my food today.

Exercise yesterday was non-existent. Sometimes I wonder if I could become fused to my chair. Like I've read about that can happen to extremely overweight people when they never leave their recliner or couch. In my weak defense, I still have a terrible sounding cough from a cold I had over a week ago. It sounds a lot worse than it feels, but I didn't want a lot of stares at the gym as I hacked away while exercising. Not that I need an excuse to not exercise, because sometimes, I'm just lazy.

Today I have three simple goals:

1.) Track my food in Weight Watchers online tracker
2.) Stay within my 30 Points
3.) Go to the gym!!!  (this should really be number one)

I ordered this last week, and I'm really looking forward to listening to these CDs -- The Mind-Body Code: How the Mind Wounds and Heals the Body. Unfortunately Amazon delivered it to someone else in a different city so I won't get it until tomorrow. I think my problem is the negative voice in my head telling me I can't do this. Somehow I need to stop listening to it and get that positive, supportive voice to come back to life. I need to heal my body. 

The formula for losing weight is so simple. Eat less, move more. It's not a secret, it's not rocket science, but it's so difficult. Something is causing me to fail at this and I think it's me. I should be the one in control of what goes in my mouth, but it seems like there's something else going on here. I really need to figure it out. 

The sun is out, a real rarity this time of year in the Pacific Northwest. I think I'll go for a walk. I love the sun. Sun mixed with some exercise, it's like an antidepressant for me.

Until tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

Come on... you have had such a hard time. Not doing 137% right away to get in a shape a 20-year-old would be impressed by (rectangular?) is not that bad. We all know this. Baby steps.

Right now I am trying to walk part of my way to work every day, at lest 10 minutes, and somewhere get some more exercise until I have moved for at least 30 minutes per day. Some days it works, some days less so. We'll get there. Eventually. Pretty bodies in pretty wooden boxes and such. ^^

(Not enough sleep, not enough coffee.)

CARLA said...


Gwen said...

Hi Karen.

I think what is making it so tough is that the grains and sugars you consume DO actually alter your brain chemistry, and release things that act like an opium (literally) in your brain, causing cravings for more more more of the sugar or grains. It becomes a vicious cycle. Only by stopping the grains and sugars (90% or better)...can you reduce or eliminate those cravings. I know it seems impossible to give up all sugars and especially grains, but the better you can do it, the less, if any, cravings you have, after about a 3-4 day detox period. I swear it works, and there are hundreds and thousands of us that can prove it. Two really excellent books I would suggest are Wheat Belly by Dr. Davis, and The End of Overeating by Dr. David Kessler, the ex head of the FDA.

I wish you success on your path. If you need any help, or have any questions, I'm available. :)

Anonymous said...

I have thought of you often - wondering how your life was going. Considering all the things you have gone through the past few years I am amazed you aren't up to three hundred pounds. Don't be so hard on yourself. Think about how far you have come and take the weight loss one day at a time. I do think the comment about the sugar and grains causing cravings is on target. If you can limit the carbs and exercise a bit more - you will turn this thing around. Best of luck - you deserve it!

Lowcarb team member said...

As Gwen said .... I too wish you well on your path. Here's to a positive 2015.

Take Care and .....

All the best Jan

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