Did eating healthy give me pneumonia? Nah!

Four weeks ago I rejoined Weight Watchers, cut out sugar, made healthy choices, started taking my daily vitamin again, actually tracked my food. I started back to the gym, was wearing my Fitbit, walking at lunch and getting in my 10,000 steps a day. Things went pretty good for two weeks. Down a few pounds, feeling better, more alive. Life was good.

Then it all went to hell in a hand basket last week. A coworker came to work with a bad cold. Next thing you know, I'm sick. The cold turned into the flu, with 103 temperature, vomiting and diarrhea. I thought I was going to die. The flu turned into pneumonia. This all happened in one week. I saw the doctor last Monday, she sent me home for another week. My blood oxygenation was 91, which is pretty low (I've never seen mine below 98). At 91 the red blood cells can't get enough oxygen and organs can get damaged. Breathing has been difficult, and then there's the coughing. I coughed so much and so hard that my ribs ached.

I'm doing much better today. My blood oxygen is at 95, which is a huge leap from 91. I had ordered an oxygen meter online. A rather expensive one so I wouldn't get false readings. I checked it on my boyfriend and he's a steady 99 or 100. Until today I was at a steady 92 or 93, seeing the 95 is very exciting. I can feel that I'm getting better, which is a huge relief. I have a new respect for people with COPD. I have just experienced a touch of what it's like to not be able to breath easily, and it's miserable. My energy was at the lowest I've ever experienced. I actually got up, showered and dressed this morning. Life is good again.

It's truly ironic that I finally make an honest attempt to get healthy and then this happened. I suppose it's just life, slapping me down a little when I get a little too cocky about myself.

I've lost a few pounds, but it was mostly water weight and probably some muscle. Up until yesterday I could barely stand to look at food without wanting to heave. Today my appetite is back, so I'm back to tracking all my food in my Weight Watcher phone app, back to making healthy choices.

I want to come back to blogging. I doubt there's anyone that even reads my blog anymore. I always come back, post, then disappear for months. I hate people that do that because I wonder if they're okay. I'm going to try it again, this blogging thing. It was such a huge piece of my life. I miss it. I miss you guys, the few of you still out there that know me. I still ready your posts, usually once a week I catch up on you. So many people have dropped out. I always wonder what happened to them.

Until tomorrow...


Roxie said…
We are still here! Glad to see you post but sorry you've been ill.
Beth said…
I still remember you. And I'm glad you're back.
Sarah G said…
Still reading Miss Diana! Hope you fell better soon!!
Chrissie said…
I'm reading! You don't know me because I'm really bad at commenting, but I'm glad you're back, sorry you've been so sick, glad you're doing better and looking forward to reading more (I think that covers everything ;-))
Karla said…
still here and reading ... hope your are all better now
Carrieheff said…
I check to see if you're written about once a week. I just assume you aren't doing great as far as the diet goes because usually when people are doing great they want to talk about it. LOL. I'm so glad you are feeing better and back on track!
Michelle said…
I'm glad you posted. You show up on my Feedly reader updates so yes, I'm still here if you are!
Betsey C. said…
It's always good to see a post from you! Glad you are feeling better. I've had pneumonia and it sucks. The worst part for me was not being able to laugh without coughing. I love to laugh, so it was hard!
Catherine said…
I always look on my feed to see if you posted -- was excited to see 4 new posts! Glad that you are doing better!!! And getting back on track!
Kim Ray said…
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