Sunday, January 10, 2016

You can't outrun your fork

Update: After I wrote this post, I very reluctantly decided it was time to change my profile picture. The old picture was when I weighed 152 and was taken six years ago (I was 54). I haven't aged well, and the additional 70 pounds I gained haven't been kind to me. It's a start to facing my reality and doing something about it. 

Every day is a struggle for me to stay on a healthy path. Some days I'm successful, other days I'm a failure, and some days are a little of both.

Yesterday was a mixture of success and failure. Success on my eating, well, sort of a success. I didn't follow the Weight Watcher plan exactly, and I only ate 20 of my 30 Smart Points. What I ate was very healthy, but I was super busy and didn't make time to eat (this almost never happens). I was starving at 10 p.m., but I went to bed hungry. So I wasn't perfectly on plan, but I tried.

I didn't make it to the gym, I didn't walk outside like I had planned to do (and it was a gorgeous day), and I didn't even come near to making my 10,000 steps. I did go to the mall because I had to get my hair done. I did some shopping, and I walked in the mall for what felt like miles, but according to my Apple watch, I only got in 5,000 steps. So exercise was a big fail.

I still call it a good day. At least I made an effort to eat right, and if I had to chose eat right or exercise, I'll take eat right. My old Weight Watcher leader used to always say "you can't outrun your fork". Meaning if you don't cut back on the eating, it's unlikely that you can exercise enough to burn off all those extra calories. This is very true. In the past I could spent two hours at the gym, then eat too much and gain weight. Cutting back on food intake is number one to losing weight. Exercise is still important, but it takes a back seat to my eating.

The plan for today is head outside and get in a good, brisk walk this morning. Of course, that's dependent on getting my lazy kitty off my recliner footrest. That's her grumpy cat face because I woke her up to take this picture.

Missy, my only kitty, enjoying a nap.
 (until I poked her and told her to wake up for a picture)

For those of you that noticed, yes, that is my Christmas tree in the background. I usually take it down the day after Christmas, but I put it up two days before Christmas so I've been reluctant to take it down. Today is the day, it's coming down.

Today is also going to be a fantastic day of healthy eating and exercise!


MaryFran said...

I have a couple comments for you..... look gorgeous in your picture. No negative comments on it!

Secondly....your day was NOT a failure. It wasn't as good as you wanted, but you STILL got in over 5000 steps. You STILL stayed within the boundaries of 'normal' and you were cognizant of what you did and where you need to be. That is not a failure. That is progress!

Thirdly.....the tree is a great night light....I think we should leave Christmas trees up year round!

Anonymous said...

Ageing well is overrated. I'd rather look as if I had had some adventures in my time!

These days I try to focus on healthy habits instead of weight loss (again). Getting at least 30 minutes of serious exercise per day (mostly running, took up gym-based strength training - we're planning to do an obstacle race together, and I can't make the guy throw me over the obstacles just because I'm too weak!), eating plenty of protein, limiting the sweets and eating as much fruit and vegetables as I can cram into my mouth. At the moment I have to count calories to make sure I am not living on eggs and avocado exclusively, but I am not getting on the scale for at least another month! Getting enough sleep is harder, but I aim for seven to eight hours per night - only there is so much to do and so little time!

Anna Down Under said...

Have you heard of Misty Tripoli? She created this amazingly cool dance workout you can do at home called Body Groove and it's fun to do cuz you improvise and add your own flair as yo go. Very stress-relieving and makes you feel good. Anyway she participated in a series on using your intuition to create the life you want and I loved her video. She talks about how hard it is to be kind to ourselves and we should.not put ourselves (or our bodies or looks) down. It's hard cuz we all do it but one suggestion she had was if you can't figure out how to love yourself, if you don't know what that looks like or feels like, then envision what it would mean just to be nice or kind to yourself. Try that in any situation and you'll be better off. I'm not suggesting you don't love yourself but thoughts that you or your body are not good enough just as you are do not help us achieve our goals. For the record, I think you look lovely. :)

If you're interested in the video I mentioned, watch it here:

Lyn said...

I hope you had a good week! Been checking to see how you're doing :)

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Lyn said...

Miss you... come back :)

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