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Getting my priorities straight

A few days ago I had a ligtning-bolt thought. There never seems to be enough time for all the things I want to get done. Then I realized something, I'm putting too much time into things that aren't really that important, and the really important things in my life are being ignored.

I spend too much of my precious time on my hair, makeup and nails. It's become a borderline obsession with me. Is my hair healthy? Is it the "right" shade of blond, should it be lighter or darker? If I wear it straight, is is straight enough or is that a bit of natural curl I see? If I wear it in "beachy" waves, is it too curly or not wavy enough? Is that a split end I see?! It's ridiculous how much time, energy and money I put into worrying and fussing over my hair, and I won't even go into my makeup and nails.

My thought that woke me up:

Does any of this stuff really matter when my body is at least 75 pounds overweight?
Maybe I should focus on my biggest problem, w…