Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Here I go again

I've had so many false attempts at losing weight, that I was just about ready to give up. Forget about the whole thing, the "thing" being losing weight. Seriously, I'm just tired of trying and failing.

Then a couple things happened. A dear friend that had the sleeve weight loss surgery has lost 150 pounds and is still losing. I had a twinge of jealousy when I saw her recently. She's one-year post op and almost at her goal weight. I don't envy her not being able to eat more than a bite of food at a time or the loose skin or sadly the wrinkles in her face that I'd never noticed before. I do, however, envy her skinny thighs. I envy how she doesn't even think of food and forgets to eat.

Another friend, that I went to New York with about two weeks ago (part work, part fun), is doing the Kettibility program (only in Seattle). A mix of an intense boot camp kettle ball workout with "Russian" kettle balls, the Whole 30 eating plan, submitting daily food journals (via Facebook) and weekly weigh-ins. I've never seen this friend so excited about weight loss. And yes, she's doing amazing.

So what about me? I went back to Weight Watchers tonight. It's been a while, probably a couple months, since I even attempted to watch what I was eating. I was surprised I'd actually gone down a few pounds since my last weight. I think I was 224 last time I weighed in, and today, at my 6:30pm weigh-in, I was 219. I told the Weight Watcher gal to wipe out my account, and I was started new today.

So yes, here I go again. Another attempt at losing weigh. No grand plans here or ideas on how I'll really make it happen this time. Just a short note that I'm still here, and I haven't given up.


jinxxxygirl said...

One choice at a time......Hugs! deb

Darcy Winters said...

Way to go! Just recommitting is a great start and I know what you mean about being happy for someone and also a bit jealous. ;-)

MaryFran said...

You are already a success because you restarted!!!!! Woohoo! Congratulate yourself!!!!

Those friends were brought into your life for a reason...to show you and to give you the courage to restart! Use them to help you get through the first weeks...and then rode the coat tails of your weekly successes!!! You can do this!!!! (Man, do I would like a cheerleader or what??)

MaryFran said...
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Anonymous said...

Stick with it Diane. Rooting for you from the UK.

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

You haven't lost until you give up. I fight the same battle. Keep up the good fight and know that someone in Michigan is praying for you!

Lisa said...


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Troy M said...

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