Thursday, June 9, 2016

Rewiring my brain

This is a real switcheroo in my behavior. I went to Weight Watchers on Monday night, and I have tracked every bite of food for three full days, stayed within my Point allotment and actually walked two of the three days.

Today I even went for a 3-mile hike through the woods during my lunch hour (with a girlfriend from work). I'm working up to getting back to the gym, but at the moment the extra walking is all I can do. I'm easing myself back into more activity. Tonight my knees, hips, and legs ache. Getting back into shape is more painful than I remember. Perhaps being almost 61 years old has something to do with it.

I've been thinking of something a friend of mine that's a Chemical Dependency Counselor told me about people that are alcoholics or drug addicts. Many overweight people I know say they're addicted to food. I hear it all the time in Weight Watcher meetings, and I've said the same thing about myself many times. That food is my drug of choice.

I asked my friend what is the trick to getting off of drugs or alcohol. How does someone addicted let go of that thing they love so much that's destroying their life? He said it's a matter of rewiring their brain. The brain is very powerful and when it gets something that makes it feel good, it wants more of it. It will continually nag at you and do anything it can to make you get that thing that makes it feel good. Even though it knows it's not good for you, it still wants it. You have to stop that type of thinking and take control of the brain.

I realize this sounds like we have two brains in our head, but in a really weird way, I get what he's saying. My brain is an addict to sugar. It always wants sugar, telling me how good it'll make me feel. Even though I know it's not good for me, I hear the voices in my head tell me it's okay, you can quit tomorrow. A bag of cookies today, then we'll call it quits. Ha! I know that doesn't work.

Right now, I'm trying to rewire my brain. It is not easy.


Karla said...

sober alcoholic here: swapped one ism for another
alcoholism for fitness-ism
I have that addictive personality type ... I just try to direct it

Losing The Rolls said...

Yes, that's it. I need to rewire my brain too. I have so many reasons I should change my ways and eat healthier but none have been able to quiet my calling to eat what I want when I want to get that instant gratification. Thanks for the post, it gives me something to think about. Good luck!

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