Saturday, January 7, 2017

Jenny Craig - a big FAIL!

My new plan to lose weight was the Jenny Craig plan. Yesterday I made it a total of five hours on the plan, one breakfast, one snack, and one lunch. I'm no longer on the plan. 

The food tastes like garbage, it's highly processed and contains all sorts of nasty ingredients. The lunch, Chicken Street Tacos, contained fractionated palm kernel oil - who eats palm kernel oil anymore? It's one of the main causes of the destruction of rainforests. And "fractionated" just means they made it into a complete saturated fat. Some articles claimed it's the equivalent of partially hydrogenated oil. This is the picture on the box and their website. Trust me, it didn't look anything like this picture. There weren't any pieces of chicken and the main ingredient was soy something or rather. I wish I'd taken a picture of it so you could see what it really looked like. I took one bite and threw it in the trash.

The breakfast bar had corn syrup as the main ingredient, followed by sugar, then cane sugar. What the heck?! I literally felt sick just reading the ingredients.

I was on the Jenny Craig plan in 1990, when the real Jenny Craig herself was in charge. The food was really good and satisfying. I actually enjoyed it. I lost 40 pounds, and it was relatively easy. The company was sold several years ago to Nestle Foods and again in 2013 to North Castle Partners. They have ruined the company. 

Not only is the food awful, but my consultant was equally as bad. She was loud, obnoxious and couldn't answer most of my questions. She kept running to her director's office to get more information. I almost walked out but thought I'd only have to see her once a week, and I could handle it. 

Then there's the price of the food. The monthly fee is only $19.95. The first week of food was $184.00. In addition, you have to buy all your fresh vegetables and fruit from a regular store. If I remember correctly, I think a week of food in 1990 was $80 - $100. I expected it to be expensive and was willing to pay the price. Unfortunately, the quality of the food is substandard. 

I'm done with Jenny Craig. I'll go into their office next week and cancel my membership. They were so disorganized they didn't even have me sign a contract. It's supposed to be month to month so I'm out my monthly $19.95, hopefully just for this month. The food will go into the trash today. In hindsight I should have tried the 3-day sampler pack of food you can order online for $39.95. I should also have known the food would be different, nothing stays the same, especially after 27 years. 

Next up, Weight Watchers. I was planning on attending a meeting today at 11:30am. I just checked and their last meeting was at 10am. I'm signed up on their site and have the app on my phone. I tracked yesterday and today's food (funny - Jenny Craig food from yesterday entered into the Weight Watchers app). I'll attend the 9am meeting tomorrow. I've always loved Weight Watchers.


jinxxxygirl said...

My grandmother in her day and i in my day did real well with TOPS..Taking Off Pounds Sensibly... they don't do meals but its a great supportive group... I lost like pounds with them... Sometimes you just need someone cheering you on.. and the weekly weigh ins to hold you accountable.. I have never tried Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers... Hugs! deb

Anonymous said...

Oh my god; you don't need to pay $$$ for junk food. WW is no different; although you don't "have to" buy their crappy artificial everything "food," they still push "moderation," which is obviously IMPOSSIBLE for most people who have been overweight and unable to control their eating for any length of time. Eat simple, clean, whole foods. Not processed packaged promises. You can stuff yourself full of healthy quality protein, vegetables, healthy fats, and complex carbs for 1,400 calories a day and WAY LESS money. You don't need to pay some brand-name, for-profit corporation to lose weight. Prepare lunches for the week on Sunday. Get up early enough to make a quick, healthy breakfast before work. Got a foreman grill? You can make dinner in <10 minutes. No excuses. You get to be in control of the ingredients.

Anonymous said...

WW depends on failure to keep the money rolling in. Just eat real food. Basic nutrition.

Sarah G said...

Bugger off. Nothing you said is at all helpful.

MaryFran said...

I think you have made a splendid decision!!! Go you!!!

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Fat Bastardo said...

The big fail are fat people who are gluttons. OINK!

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