Sunday, January 15, 2017

Just a little crazy

I'm a little bit disappointed in my weigh-in this morning, but I know why it's not better than I expected:

My last Weight Watchers' attempt in 2015:

Feb. 23, 2015 weigh-in:  233.4

Jan. 5, 2017 - Jenny Craig weigh-in:  222.0 (the real start of mindful eating)

Jan. 6, 2017 - canceled Jenny Craig, but stayed on track.

Jan. 8, 2017 WW weigh-in:  218.4

Jan. 15, 2017 WW weigh-in:  215.4

Net Loss:  3.0 pounds for the week for Weight Watchers, but in reality a good 7 pounds are gone.

At least I'm not all the way up to the 2015 weight which was scary. That was close to my all time high of 240 back in 2007.

I love my new Weight Watcher Sunday meeting! It gets me out of bed and gets the day started right because I have to be there before 9am to weigh in. It's sort of hard to do, but it's worth it. The leader, Cathy, is wonderful. I just love her! Plus a Sunday weigh-in keeps me from overindulging Friday and Saturday since I don't want to ruin my weigh-in.

This isn't easy, that's for sure. It's as hard as it is every time I have to go down this road. For some odd reason, I feel a bit more relaxed this time. I'm not being as crazy about it as I've been in past attempts.  Just a little crazy, just enough to keep me tracking every bite I eat. My boyfriend - skinny guy - doesn't understand this tracking of food, it's foreign to him).  He thinks I'm a little nuts, pulling out my WW app every time I eat. If that's crazy, oh well! At least I'll be crazy AND skinny!


Diandra said...

So many people I know say that Sunday or Monday weigh-ins keep them from over-indulging ... that's why I have weekly weigh-ins on Friday, so the weekend is for enjoying. I'm sticking with tedious calorie-counting at the moment, has helped me shed about twenty pounds since last summer. Okay, it was not the counting, but the eating less. The counting just helps me keep track. ^^

MaryFran said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!!

I did well with a weigh in the day after my weekend kept me in line!!!

Nixie R said...

Diana, I have been following you for a number of years. I am so happy for you at this point. You have been through so much the last couple of years. Losing your sister, divorce, cancer and here you are today. You have a wonderful boyfriend and it seems that things have finally calmed down. I think you will be successful this time. Finally not all the stress that you have had in the past from major life changes that were out of your control....Good luck on this. I have a feeling this will be the time you make it and keep it off.

laura said...

Well done on your loss. I look forward to reading about your progress.

Cory Anderson said...

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Anonymous said...
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