Saturday, July 8, 2017

AHA - Aware Halt Action

Weight this morning:  171.6 
Weight Jan. 1, 2017:  222.0
Weight lost this year: 50.4
Goal: 155

I listen to a lot of weight loss podcasts, which have really helped me during the past six months. There's a lot of very helpful advice from people that suffer from disordered eating. Hearing their ideas and suggestions on how to beat this thing has been a lifesaver for me. It's good to know I'm not alone and hear from people who have gone through years of yo-yo dieting, just like me, but have figured out how to maintain their weight loss. I have finally realized that maintenance is the key to this whole thing. I've lost weight many times, but maintaining my weight loss has been unachievable. Until now. I plan on changing that pattern this time.

A new podcast I just discovered is Tips of the Scale. Episode 102: Sarah Moores on Flexing Motivation Muscle for New Strength was very helpful. 

One thing Sarah talkes about is how to stop binge eating. I've read a lot of books on binge eating, and I haven't had a true binge in the last six months, but I know I have a tendency to binge when life gets rough. And let's face it, life always gets rough. The smallest thing can seem monumental to me and drive me to overeat. I've been working on it, but I know my next binge could be just around the corner. 

Sarah talks about AHA when you feel a binge coming on. It's a simple concept and similar to other things I've heard used for addictions (H.A.L.T.), but I really like the AHA concept.

A ---> Be Aware of what you're doing. Be conscious and in the moment.
H ---> Halt! Stop what you're doing. Just take a moment, gather your thoughts, and stop.
A ---> Take Action. Do something different. Anything different. Go for a walk, get busy with your hands so you can't eat. A favorite thing I do is crafts. You can't stuff your face if you're creating a beautiful card. You don't want Cheetos dust on your piece of artwork (okay, I haven't had Cheetos in my house for years, it's just an example).

This is now stuck in my head, which is a good thing. I'm already challenging myself to continue to be binge free. If it starts to happen, I'll remember AHA. I think I've got this.

I leave with one of my favorite Bob Newhart skits. This one cracks me up every time.

Bob Newhart - Stop it


Deb Willbefree said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful loss!!! Good job, really good job. And your good job underscores my NOT so good job. :{ I started mi-January at 230 pounds, lost 25 pounds by the beginning of Aril and then began to gain and lost the same five pounds from April til now. Sigh. Don't you just hate when that happens?

I've done well the last few days, so hopefully I'm back in the groove. Your success has inspired me, and I like that whole AHA thing. My own method is to 1. Realize I'm getting bingey. 2. Pause a moment and acknowledge what has begun. 3. Continue my bingey prowl of the kitchen, consuming what I ought not to consume.

Yeah. :} I'm pretty sure that the AHA method is a better one. Thanks for passing it on.


MaryFran said...

Congrats on the loss!!!! You are doing great!!!

Karen said...

Congrats! I know how hard it is. I will celebrate 5.5 years of weight maintenance this week. Tiips of the Scale podcast is fabulous. :) Sam really gets it. Karen P

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Maria said...

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