Monday, July 3, 2017

Too tired to eat

Have you ever been so completely wiped out, exhausted beyond words that you actually weren't hungry? Keep in mind, I'm a recovering binge eater so I'm not your normal person that gets too tired to eat. I know people like that exist, I'm just not one of them.

I had today off from work, a vacation day since tomorrow is July 4th it made sense to make it a long weekend (I have Wednesday off too). My plans were simple, rent a 15-foot U-Haul, fill it with the last of my ex-husband's garbage, drive to the landfill, empty the U-Haul, then drive back home to clean out the UHaul, and return it to the U-Haul office.

Oh my lord, that was quite a task! I loaded 2,200 pounds of junk into the U-Haul, and then unloaded the 2,200 pounds of junk into the landfill. It was worth every penny of the $101 U-Haul rental and the $125 landfill dumping fee. Even though it was a ton of work (I could barely lift some of the boxes), it was the most lethargic thing I've done in a long time, throwing each piece of junk onto the cement floor of the landfill building and watching his possessions smash into pieces. I've been divorced almost four years and it was past due to get rid of his junk. I'm not sure I ever mentioned this, but he was a hoarder. He never threw anything away. He even took things I threw away out of the trash bin. It was crazy!

The entire process took me eight hours. According to my Apple watch, I completed the following:

1,369 Active calories burned
236 Exercise minutes
16,279 Steps

I didn't go to the gym this morning since I knew I'd need every ounce of energy to get through this day. There was a lot of anger at the beginning that he'd left me with such a huge mess. But in the end, it was so rewarding. I keep going outside and looking at the space on the side of the house where all his stuff was stored. It looks wonderful, and I got rid of all that stuff all by myself. Whew! A huge relief.

You should have seen me driving that 15-foot U-Haul, all by myself. Plus, when I was coming home from the landfill, I was in rush hour traffic. I did just fine, I didn't kill anyone or even hit anyone's car. It was a bit nerve-racking driving that huge vehicle, but it's good to know that this almost 62-year old woman still has it. I felt like a professional truck driver.

Now about dinner. I'm still too tired to eat, but I know I really have to eat something. It would be stupid not to eat after all that exercise. I wish I had a maid, or that my boyfriend was home to cook for me, but he's working late tonight. I'll find something to nourish this poor, old and rapidly becoming sore, body.


Catherine said...

Hey, thank you for posting again. I am curious what weight loss podcasts you listen to for motivation. I cut out sugar and alcohol for about a month this summer and my weight only went down 5 pounds...feeling down about that. So the sugar snuck back in last week and I have regained all the weight :(

Diana said...

Hi Catherine - I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner on your podcasts question. I have several, but I had more until I cleaned out the memory on my phone and accidentally deleted them all. So I've started rebuilding my list. Here are my favorites so far:

1. Primal Potential - Mastering Fat Loss naturally (great website too)
2. Half Size Me - love this one a lot and over 500 old podcasts. A wealth of information.
3. Cut the S#!T GET FIT
5. Transformation Planet - but he hasn't done one for a long time

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