Saturday, October 21, 2017

Update October 2017

I've decided instead of my usual long, drawn-out posted, to just post something quick. Fast and easy to read, not a ton of detail. Maybe that way I can write a little something more often.

Things are going great. Last weekend I was down to my lowest weight since 2009 when I got to 152 and quit. I'm 163.6. That is 8.6 pounds from the Weight Watcher goal of 155. I'd like to weigh less, but have decided 155 would probably be a good choice for me. Not skinny, but healthy. Plus I think I can pretty easily maintain that weight versus the 135 that's been my elusive goal for as long as I can remember. Hence my bog name of diana135.

What's working for me:

1. MyFitnessPal - love this app for tracking my food. Even though I go to Weight Watchers, I don't use their app. I eat calories not SmartPoints. That way I get more food. MORE is better!

2. Motifit ,now called AppFit - best exercise app ever! Great music and you have a coach guiding you along. Huge incentive and fun.

3. Working towards my 2017 marathon - the Fairbanks, Alaska Equinox Marathon. I'm doing it!

4. Gracie's Journey on youtube - love this girl! Check her out. She went from 240 to 135. No surgery just diet and exercise. She's really inspirational.

What's not working:

1. Not getting to the gym except once during the week and once on the weekend. Not cool.

2. Not walking at lunch every day because it's pouring down rain. Super not cool.

3. The rain. Dear God, please make it stop! Rain and the darkness in the Pacific Northwest sucks! #Icantwaitforsummer!

Goals this week:

Increase my exercise. Gym. Home treadmill. Walk in the rain.

Easy peasy, right?


Lyn said...

Oh I am really excited about your marathon! Can't wait to hear details on that. You are doing great, you sound happy, and I think finally we are both on the right (and long term) path. And yes... the dark is just awful, and is just going to get worse. Sigh... I already miss the long summer days!

Diandra said...

Sounds as if you are doing great!

sunnysaralynne said...

aww, I LOVE your usual "long, drawn-out, tons of details" posts! Been reading your blog for years, your ups & your downs, so very interesting! I feel like I know you ~ gonna miss them :(

weenio said...

Your awsome ;) Love reading your stuff.
Keep being awsome ;) You inspire me so much.

Nixie R said...

Love your new picture. You look great and happy. Thanks for sharing your journey

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the blog. You have helped encourage me to start weight watchers. I’ve lost 9 pounds. 😁
Theresa in Alberta

Sarah G said...

Would love a long detailed update, Diana! I look forward to hearing all about your marathon!!

Mantis Hugo said...

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Best Regards,
Mantis Hugo
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Yessyka Jones said...

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daayur said...

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