Saturday, July 6, 2019

The struggle is real

I'm still struggling with my eating, but I have improved a little bit since my last post. The night of the 4th was awful. I was basically up most of the night because my neighbors think blowing up things and making a lot of loud noise is a fun experience. I really don't understand why there's even a law here that says fireworks are illegal, since everyone just ignores it. I was up comforting my poor little 17-year old kitty, Missy. She was traumatized by it all. Anyway, I used that as an excuse to eat most of the night (until 1am). Nothing horrible, unless you call rice crackers, avocado, a few almonds and a couple bananas horrible, but it was a needless intake of calories. 

My exercise since my Wednesday has been spot on. Now if I could just do the same with my eating. New day, new plan. It's simple really, today I'll track all my food today and stop eating at 1600 calories. Although I might adjust my calorie limit depending how our 10-mile hike goes today. Marathon training isn't easy at 180 pounds. It was so much easier at 160. That alone should be incentive to get my act together with my eating, but so far it's not really working.

I plan on taking a few pictures on our hike today and posting them here tomorrow. I love our trail at Dash Point State Park. It's three miles from our house so it's very convenient. It's 400 acres and has 17 miles of dirt trails. It's also right on the Puget Sound, and it's absolutely beautiful. 

One thing that has really helped me this week is the Phit-N-Phat podcast. I love it! I use to listen to Corrine all the time, but somehow got side-tracked with crime podcasts (addicted is more like it!). Corrine is hysterical and has a lot of insight and personal experience with weight gain and weight loss. I found her again when I was reading the Confessions of an Addict blog that I really enjoy, and she mentioned how she enjoys the Phit-N-Phat blog. The most recent podcast really hit home with me and was a tremendous help this week:

Well, I guess I'd better stop talking about hiking, and actually go do it. Even though sitting in my recliner with cat at my side and my boyfriend napping on the couch sounds like so much more fun, it's not the healthiest pastime (mentally yes, physically no). LOL!

One last note, I walked in the Seattle Pride Parade last Sunday with my niece. It was so much fun. Here's our team picture, she's on the far right with the pink and blue flag around her shoulders (3rd row back), and I'm the blonde to her right with the white framed sunglasses and white tank top. She's 17 and such an incredibly sweet, smart young woman. I love her to pieces. 

Seattle Pride 2019 


MaryFran said...

To stop the overeating and get myself back on track I take a mentality of ‘one week’. Try to restrict and stop for one week! I can give up the donuts and cake for one week. I can give up the whatever because it’s JUST one week! I know in my head that once I get past that first week I’ll feel better and I will most likelh recommit for a second week...and the longer I do it, the more of a habit it becomes!

Unknown said...

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